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  1. Great review Kerri. So sorry that happened at your wedding. I wasn't happy with Fatima either and it looks like she doesn't work there anymore. It's a shame they can't keep good WC's. That would be my biggest complaint. I can't believe they didn't move you to world cafe when it started raining and you never saw your cake again which happened to us also. So strange! It rained during the last hour of our reception but it wasn't heavy and we just danced in the rain..fun! Best wishes to you and your hubby!
  2. wow! I wish we would've known that was an option! They were going to charge us $1,000. And we still haven't received our wedding video and I have emailed them twice now with no response.
  3. They charged an additional 15.00 per picture over the 50 that are included in the package. If you want all the photo's it's about 1,000. She took about 700 that she showed us and we wish we could've had them all but couldn't spend 1,000.
  4. We had 27 people and got the 20 person floor. If you look at my pics above, it is a small floor. We all barely fit on it and for some reason we did not get lights (probably because there was a chance of rain) but they never said anything. I saw the same size floor earlier in the week and they had lights. You will definitely need a bigger floor if you will have that many people. Hope that helps!
  5. We had our reception at Seaside and we liked it better as well. It looked like to me that Oceana didn't have as much beach area and the restaurant is very close. I also liked the mountains in the distance and the view from seaside better. Here are some pics of our wedding.
  6. I posted my review in the review section! Hope it helps future brides.
  7. I just realized I didn't comment on my flowers. I didn't pick anything from the photo's that they sent me but I did send them some ideas and I loved my flowers. They were exactly what I wanted. I also didn't comment on my Travel Agent. I called Tammy from Wright Travel agency and she put me in touch with Teresa Stauring from vacations for less. She did well with our reservations but her communication was lacking. She also said she would price match but a lot of my guests decided to book on their own once they contacted her. I guess she didn't give them the best deal. What is a bummer about that is if they all booked thru her we would've gotten an upgrade or bigger discount since we had 27 guests. We didn't even get our confirmation itinerary until I asked for it a week before the wedding. I don't think I would use one in the future. It really didn't help us much. Hope that helps.
  8. i watched that ceremony from my room for a bit. it was very different. i loved how the chairs were all in a circle. i was trying to nap so the drums were a bit annoying..it was my breakdown day..lol. do you know where they had their reception? i never saw them that night.
  9. lol..they bring out the cake after your first dance etc. we cut our cake and posed for a few pictures and then it started to sprinkle rain and they took it away! so we didn't have cake but i don't think anyone really noticed since we had dessert with dinner. we found our cake 2 days later after asking fatima many times. it wasn't that good 2 days later..haha..we had cheesecake.
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