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  1. I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT THEY LOST YOUR DRESS!!! What did they say, how did this happen? I would be loosing my mind right about now! Please let us all know how things are going and I hope you have a great day today!
  2. MY BAD!!! I just went back and read about the refunds getting back to people before! YAYYYY
  3. I have read in a few different reviews that the refund is not issued until after you check out? My groups final payment is due May 22 also and my wedding is August 5. I asked my destinationwedding planner if I could use my comp nights for the honeymoon and she said no or else we would have gone to another palace resort too! She could be wrong though so do not go by what I say exactly.
  4. My colors are Guava but I am getting married August 5, 2011. When are you ladies leaving? I will arrive on the 1st....
  5. Where did you find the "going to the chapel/beach, gonna get married" part to put in there and how do I do this? These are PERFECT!!! Great JOB!!!
  6. I am getting married August 5,2011 and I was wondering the same thing. I am still going to do a beach ceremony and an outdoor cocktail hour ( I think) LOL because I googled sunset times and it said that the weather will be like 85 then. With a beach breeze I do not think it will be horrible!
  7. If you pay the $30, you can open all attachments without having to do annoying posts to meet the 150 quickly!
  8. OK, so this website has been a god sent for me, and a lot of other brides!!! Read these two reviews from VGirl and cutierosie, they are SO HELPFUL!!!! AND YES get some sort of a travel agent!! I went through destinationweddings.com and the two women there have been amazing, there names are Sue Allen and Marge Harmon if that is helpful. Moon Palace Cancun Mexico April 11, 2009 PRO PICS added to 1st post 5-7-09 - BestDestinationWedding.com Community.url VGirl’s Wedding Review ~ Moon Palace Resort, Cancun Mexico~ April 24, 2010 - BestDestinationWedding.com Community Good luck!!! And, POST POST POST so you can open the attachments or pay the $30 like I did because when you can open things, life is easier!!
  9. How did you get the moracca's there and back? Im just worried about getting them there.....
  10. This is so exciting for you! Good luck!!! And you have to show us when you have it!
  11. My date is Friday August 5, 2011, so we may just see each other down there.....
  12. Your pictures are beautiful!!! We have a lot of the same ideas with our weddings, and now that I see them I love how it all comes together. How did the champagne glasses travel? We were thinking of using them too, but was afraid that they would break.
  13. I would call the office tomorrow morning and be persistant. I feel the same way you do about the beach wedding, and that is almost a deal breaker. Explain how strongly you feel about this,and be upset!! Good Luck!!!
  14. I am a august bride too, what is your exact date? I am August 5, 2011
  15. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I am in love with how this looks! Congrats!!!
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