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  1. OMG! Less than two weeks away. I have been so busy with work all of my plans have gone to the hills. The only thing I got going for me right now is the clothes and the wedding tree. SMH. But I trust that the beach will be enough for everyone :-). 33 guest booked. Really excited and I found the perfect shoe today. Anyone else gonna be at the resort July 26 - Aug. 2?
  2. I have this dress! I posted pictures of it a while back! It's a great dress. :-)
  3. I have this dress!!! I posted pics of it a while back! It's a great dress. :-)
  4. Hey there, I have been working with Vanessa Jaimes (www.vanessajaimes.com). She has been great. My BM and I are going that morning to pick up the flowers from her since my wedding is at 5:30. Pilar said it was fine if I brought the flowers myself on the resort (though I am sure they will charge some fee to put it on the table! Crazy) but anyway I am just going to do it early Friday morning, I think I will still come out cheaper using her and getting really nice flowers. Her arrangements are great! I am waiting to get a price quote for what I asked for. I will let you know when it comes. Charneice
  5. Hi there, I have been really busy with life that the planning comes and goes :-) Pilar was cool with Diego I just have to pay the fee for him to be on the resort that day. As a matter of fact before I sent Diego the deposit I emailed Pilar to ask if she knew him and she said no but she went to his site and said his pictures were good :-). He was actually recommended to me by the photographer you booked, who was not free my day. So you will be fine! Take care, Charneice
  6. You are getting married two days before me! We will be at Now Jade Resort on July 29, 2011. I just started an excel spreadsheet to track everything.
  7. Here is my dress but I am changing the sash to something crystal. It still needs alterations but that won't happen until next month. 90 days to go!
  8. Anyone getting nervous? I am finding it hard to balance everything - but it will be here before we know it!!! 90 days!! Happy planning! :-)
  9. Hi there. Thanks! I am using Diego Munoz who was recommended by Gonzalo Nunez which so many brides rave about here but was booked for my day. Diego has been great though and his pictures are awesome. You can see them here. www.rivieramayaweddingphotographer.com. I am still figuring out the flowers, but I am pretty sure I am using an outside florist. The resort flowers are too expensive. The catch is I will have to go pick them up bc there is 350 charge for an outside florist to set up on the resort and I am not paying for that - but we will see. The florist I have been working with has a website you can see here http://www.vanessajaimes.com/. Hope that helps. I am still figuring out this gift bag thing for my guest. I can't believe that I am in within 90 days. Times flies.
  10. It depends on which package. The Divine Dinner is 53 per person and the Eternity is 48. There is also additional cost for the cocktail hour and the cake. When you talk to the wedding planner she can help you figure out how to meet your budget if necessary. I ran into the same problem but decided to just go with it. I am 19 people over right now. Pilar sent me 3 different quotes so that I could see my options for dinner, and I am going to mix up the dinner options to save a little money. Hope that helps.
  11. This is a great review! thanks! We have the same color theme - Peacock feathers are my fav!!!
  12. Hi Ladies. Sorry I have been out of the loop. I have been sick and drugged up for the last two weeks. During that time Pilar actually called me but I missed it. Crazy. Anyway I hope to link up with her soon. Any other brides getting married the last week of July? Here is the info on taking a day trip to the ruins. Good Luck. The person to email about the excursions is alex.orozco@yourcancundmc.com. He is really nice. Here are the rates that I got for 30 people. The tour to Chichen Itza is a full day tour and the option prices are: $89.00 US Dlls. per person in the regular one / Children from 5 to 10 years old - 30% discount $99.00 US Dlls. per person in the deluxe one / Children from 5 to 10 years old - 30% discount Both tours include: Guarantee of 30 participants for the tour to guarantee the rate Pick up & drop off private at the hotel Private transportation for the event Toll Fees Stop at Valladolid for a quick visit Entrances to Chichen Itza Official English Speaking Guide YCDMC Staff on board the coach Bottled water on board the coach Cold fresh facial towels after visiting the site Buffet lunch at Xay-Beh Restaurant Gratuities for Driver, Guide and Escort The deluxe tour includes additional: Stop in a Cenote after Valladolid to swim Soft drinks on board the coach 2 Beers per person on board the coach 2 Drinks per person during lunch at Xay-Beh (soft drinks, bottled water or domestic beer) The itinerary being a private tour can be adjusted to your needs. We usually recommend to leave the hotel no later than 7.30 a.m. and the return will be no more than 6.00 p.m.
  13. I got a quote for 950. I was thinking of buying a cheap(er) dress too. I can't imagine using the one I have.
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