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  1. Hi there, yes I do still have them available
  2. Hi there, yes I do still have the Mr & Mrs. signs
  3. Hi there, yes the mr & mrs signs are still available. What is your postal code & I could checking shipping if you like
  4. HI there, I have checked into shipping to the UK for you and it appears you are looking at about $45 cdn. Let me know if you are still interested. Thanks Jordana
  5. AFTER HAVING A DESTINATION WEDDING IN TURKS & CAICOS AND THEN RECREATING THE BEACH THEME FOR OUR MANY GUESTS AT OUR RECEPTION AT HOME - I HAVE MADE THE DECISION TO SELL OFF ALL OF OUR DECOR IN HOPES THAT IT CAN ASSIST ONE OF YOU MANY BRIDES OUT THERE, MAKE YOUR WEDDING JUST AS BEAUTIFUL AS OURS WAS!!! - Minature wooden chalk boards with seashells attached x 12 (used for table indicators instead of numbers ) $6.00 each SOLD 6 of the Chalk boards - Turquoise satin ribbon (1.25in wide - 2m long) $3.00 - Bright Fushcia satin ribbon ( 1.5 in wide -approx 20ft long) $4.00
  6. Tenny, Check out my review on the BEACHES TURKS roll call thread, it completely goes through everything. We actually had everyone to our suite and then distributed them. Jordana
  7. Hey Brandy, believe it or not I had a whole separate suit case with just the things for the loot bags. By the time we arrived at the resort, had lunch and was able to finally get into our suite it was around 3:30. Jason & I spent an hour putting the bags together & attaching the welcome letter & wedding events itinerary and then everyone attended our suite & had drinks. It was then that we welcomed everyone and distributed the bags.
  8. Well Ladies - I have finally found the time(althought now trying to complete last min details on our at home reception set to happen in 2 wks) to complete that Review of the Beaches Turks that hopefully will benefit some of you. My husband & I booked the Governor's Honeymoon Suite- well worth it. Absolutely gorgeous. Perfect location in the Caribbean Village. Large & Spacious with 2 balconys (perfect for our large group for gathering) full stocked bar, sitting area, separate bedroom, walk in tiled shower, nice jacuzzi tub. Girls definitely bring your IPODs - IPOD docking station
  9. Hi Ladies, thought I might offer some advice in response to your questions concerning the 30 min reception. My husband and I were just married January 20th/11 at the BEACHES Turks and Caicos. Initially I couldnt wrap my mind around paying the extra for a cocktail reception or for that matter the full reception like you had stated at an all-inclusive resort. Basically what you are paying for is the convience of having a location all to yourselves and the bar and servers set up at your location. In the end we ended up going with the BB package(most elegant & simple) it was perfec
  10. Any and all brides out there.......Im looking to purchase either turquoise (or teal) or clear charger plates. We require about 100 of them for our AHR that is caribbean themed following our destination wedding in Turks. If anyone is selling these or might know a great website I can purchase them from, your direction is appreciated. Thanks Jordana Beaches Turks & Caicos ~ January 20th,2011 ~ 23 booked plus bride & groom
  11. Ceproto, Perhaps you can let the rest of us in on what kind of freebies that you received for having soo many people attending. We too have a quite a few booked 23 adults and 3 children, travelling to Beaches January 16/11. I have a feeling that we are missing out on what we are entitled to. The only things that we were advised of was; the complimentary rehearsal dinner, the 35 min massage for my fiance and the mani and pedi for myself. Thanks Jordana Beaches Turks & Caicos ~ January 20th, 2011 ~ 24 guests + bride & groom booked!!
  12. Great Job on the Loot bags, those turned out awesome! I'm still working on mine, although time is definitely not on my side with less then 4 weeks to go>>>>>>>>>>
  13. Girls thank you all for your posts...... I will post pictures as soon as I have the bouquets in hand. The vendor I chose was on ETSY.com. She live in the states and I am in Ontario. It would probably take about 7 hours to drive. I was pretty particular with details, including colours of bridesmaids dresses, what the groom and groomsmen are wearing down to including pictures of bouquets that I had found and the particular flowers that I had used. I couldn't have been any more particular aside from the fact of DIY. I pretty much laid everything out for this designer and communicated
  14. Perhaps some one can offer some help......my wedding is January 20th and we leave January 16th for Turks. My real touch florist just sent me photos of the final products tonight and quite honestly im so disappointed and about to cry......i had numerous conversations with her about specifics right down to sending her pictures of bouquets that I wants and the particular colours of flowers. They are a mess, nothing what I had expected..... PLEASE HELP......I have a month and the rate im going im not gonna have any flowers!!!!
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