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  1. Yes, they definitely do long tables too so you'll have your pick. So excited for you! I'm sure it will be beautiful!
  2. Steal away! That's what this site if for - that's how I got all my ideas! I think we put our deposit down with Luciano's about 6-8 months out - it was about $500 and it just secured the date. This part was done through our wedding planner. But then we worked directly with Luciano's from there on. We contacted Luciano's about a month before the wedding to finalize the space, layout and menu. As long as they have the date, they don't need much time to go through the details. They just need final count 48 hours before the event. There was no extra charge for using that area - we just paid per person. In fact, it was Sue at Luciano's that recommended that area to me. We also chose to do open bar for our guests but instead of paying a flat rate per head, we just let the bar tab run up and paid it at the end of the night. We also prepaid for a bottle of red wine and bottle of white (+champagne bottles for toasting) for each table. We figured this would cut back the alcohol bill. 18% gratuity and a 4.5% setup fee is included in your quote so you only need to tip on top of that if you want. A few things I learned though: 1. If you are doing escort cards and table numbers, make sure you specify which table is which (if you are going to have different amounts of people at each table). For example, I told them to set up four tables - 2 tables of 9, one table of 8 and one table of 10. I provided Luciano's the table numbers in frames and the starfish escort cards. They set it all up, but my dad ended up at a table with one less seat and he thought they forgot his seat! Even though there was another table with an extra seat at it. They fixed it right away, but it was totally my goof! 2. If you have any supplies to drop off they day before, or just have an opportunity to stop by, make sure there are no big boats anchored in front of the back patio. This happened to me. When I arrived the day before, there was a big rusty barge that blocked the whole view of the Atlantis. I was of course upset, but my pregnant sister was even more upset. The view and atmosphere was the whole reason we picked Lucianos! They said it wasn't their boat so they were unsure if they could move it but Nadia bent over backwards to track down the portmaster and requested them to move it. So in the end it turned out fine, but if I hadn't stopped by to see it, it may have been there for our reception! Despite any hiccups, all the staff at Luciano's were so gracious and accommodating. They really were awesome and I think your wedding will be awesome there! Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions :-)
  3. We had 37 guests total so we requested 4 tables at Luciano's, plus a long table for favor bags (I gave out mini rum cakes) and one small table for the wedding cake. We used the Tivoli Garden area, which was plenty of room. Our wedding coordinator decorated the area with the white linens/lights/lanterns and I delivered the table numbers in frames, table overlays, menu cards, starfish escort cards and tray and the favor bags. All my communication with Sue Lawrence and Nadia at Luciano's was very prompt and courteous. Here are a few pics to give you an idea of what we did:
  4. Miss Bubbles - I had my reception at Luciano's and would recommend them without any hesitation! Great food, excellent service and beautiful view! Let me know if you have any questions!
  5. UPDATE - this item is still for sale! Will accept best offer!
  6. I stayed there for my honeymoon just this past month. I'm not sure if you are looking to have your wedding there or just honeymoon but I was not impressed. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I just didn't think it was worth the money. You can check out alot of reviews on tripadvisor.com to get an idea of what other people think. I hate to be negative about anything but just wanted to give you that input. I hope you find what you are looking for!
  7. No one's mentioned if they ever tried walking in heels on the sand. I keep thinking that there won't be a difference between walking in wedges or walking in heels but I have never actually tried. Anyone know if heels in the sand are possible???
  8. I put Beach Resort Elegant on mine, but it's kinda wordy. I like your idea of Beach Elegance.
  9. Ahhh, you must be so excited!! Please post pics when you get back. Us fellow Bahamas brides wanna see! Good luck!
  10. Everyone looks so much better than the model! Here is mine... I had a hard time finding what I wanted so after some adjustments, mine looks nothing like the model! It's Casablanca 1977 but I removed the shoulder strap and shoulder applique, added a beaded belt and removed some layers of crinoline. Model: Me:
  11. I had been eyeing up everyone else's logos and finally decided to just create my own. Here's mine:
  12. My fiance and I just chose our ceremony music and we picked Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root for our recessional. We are having a guitarist for our beach ceremony and thought that something upbeat would be perfect for us to walk out to. Also, the words are pretty fitting for a recessional - send me on my way, like our guests are sending us on our way as a married couple :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeNhbAw6mHg We also incorporated Hey Ya by Obadiah Parker into our ceremony.
  13. I am selling this flower girl dress, size 4. It's really cute, but it was too big for my niece and I had to purchase a smaller size. Unfortunately, the seller does not accept returns, so thought maybe one of you may want this dress for your flower girls! Stock picture is below and the dress looks exactly like it. Sash is removable, if you want to add a colored sash instead. Measurements are as follows: Chest = 25" Waist = 23" Shoulder to Hem = 29.5" Selling for $15 plus shipping. Message me to get shipping info :-)
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