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  1. Hello girls, Does anyone have any recommendations for a DJ other than DJ Mannia? I read a few bad reviews on them recently and on top of that they're very pricey, so I'm tryin gto see if I can find someone else that is good. Cristina.
  2. Hello ladies, Regarding quotes for the Canadian brides, my quote is actually much lower, at around $1150, but it might be because of my date being in December, we're travelling December 3 - 10, 2011 and flying out of Toronto. However, in terms of EBB, the same applies, I'm having everyone pay by April 1st in order to get that deal.
  3. chelymo 05/2010-congratulations=) MysTea 11/01/2010 - Congratulations!! Alliecat023- 1/18/11 CarribeanBride - 02/09/2011 Canadiansandy - 05/04/2011 dreamsmaybride - 05/11/2011 CampbellSoup - 6/18/2011 elizabethrodriguez314 07/04/2011 Jaimele318 - 07/08/2011 CCin331July 07/23/2011 Great way to keep track of the DPB Brides! pnavaretta- 7/29/10 vcwedding2011 - 11/26/11 Cris - 12/7/11
  4. Hello ladies, I'm new to the forum, I've found a lot of great information. I'm just about to book my wedding date for December 7th at Dreams Palm Beach. Any advice on ceremony time (we're only doing a symbolic ceremony)? Also, did you guys have to select your dinner location at the time of booking? I know I want the ceremony on the beach, but I'm not sure about the dinner, I've been reading that it might be too windy to have dinner on the beach and the pool are might be a good alternative. Any advice?
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