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  1. I found out that the outdoor reception at the (beach/gazebo area) has to end early. However, during our tour they said if we did the 3rd floor ballroom & terrace that we could go later until 1 or 2. So that's what we decided on. I'm sending my save the dates out this weekend for our August 4th wedding! Invites will go out mid-October. I'll PM you the vendor list I received. However, the DJ PSAV wouldn't allow me to provide a "must playlist" so I decided to go with DJ Mannia and Yesenia said it was ok. Hope this helps! Nicole
  2. Welcome Molly! My wedding is on August 4th 2012 at the Gazebo @ 6 p.m. Funny, I got my save the dates from Sproullie designs as well and I should have them this week and I'll mail them out next week. I decided on boarding pass style Save the dates. I got my invites from Allison Barnhill Designs. I went with Allison for the passports because she offered larger styles that are 5x7 instead of the typical 3x5. I'm planning to send the invites out in October. I'm still going back and forth on the wedding packages, right now I have the complimentary package and I'm thinking about doing add ons. Not sure yet!
  3. Anyone using DJ Mannia??? If so, can you PM a price list if you have one. Thanks! Nicole
  4. I decided to use Allison Barnhill designs for my invitations and Sproullie Designs for the save the dates. I found both of them on Etsy. When are you sending your save to dates and invites out?
  5. Thanks for tips! I'm sooooooooo not a DIY person, I rather pay someone. I decided to have the invitation designer/printer print the addresses on them. I'm still debating on the inner/outer envelope ordeal. At this point, I think it may be just an outer because my invites are double the cost of my budget but they're going to be SO PRETTY. So since you're an artist, I'm assuming you're taking on all these DIY projects yourself?
  6. Ladies, I've started the save the dates and the invitation process! Now, I'm extremely confused! After reading about "invitation etiquette", I don't know what to do. 1. Do I hire a calligrapher? Proper etiquette says that envelopes should be handwritten. 2. Outer & Inner Envelopes???? WTF? I swear these little things and details are going to be the death of me! HELP!! Nicole
  7. Ladies! I just had to share! I found someone to do our wedding monogram for $10.00!!!!! Prior to finding this person, I could only find pricing around $50 and up! I just had to share. PM me if you want her info! I can't figure out how to paste my monogram to share Nicole
  8. Hello, I shared this review with other brides; it's amazing. I'll PM you the vendor list I received. You made a great choice by choosing LeBlanc, I had second thoughts about the price but in the end I wanted to make sure I was getting with I wanted for my wedding! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/le-blanc-spa-resort-all-inclusive/reviews#4021 Hope this helps! Nicole
  9. Yesenia only gave me the Palace photographer website. www.palaceresortsweddingphotos.com But I'm also considering Del Sol photography.
  10. RL, Check with the TA to see if transfers were included in the rate you were quoted. My rates were slightly lower, five dollars or so but the rate included the round-trip transfers. As far as the photos, the wedding packages include Palace Resort photographers, if you want a different photographer, that photographer has to be on the "approved vendor" list and you have to purchase a day pass. I'm strongly considering getting the free wedding packages and just paying seperately for additional options. Hope this helps.
  11. OMG! I'm starting to feel overwhelmed and BROKE (this initial deposits are going to kick my butt!) I checked with the LeBlanc DJ and my only concern is that he said that don't need a song list, they just want to know what type of music the B&G likes. However, we have such a DIVERSE group of friends and music likes, I wanted to make a list of song must haves! What photographer are you going to use from Del Sol? I've been communicating with Matt and he's been AWESOME very responsive, so I will find a way to use them. I can PM their price list if anyone wants. I talked to Wendy on Tuesday and she was AWESOME as well, I'm waiting to get a quote this week. I really want to get my save the dates out no later than early Sept. Also, I found an excellent person for save the dates, invites, etc... Allison Barnhill Designs! No minimums! Oh, I'm not into paying a ton for a wedding especially since I want to do the "Trash the Dress' session and I found a website that I'm going to order my top 3 wedding gowns at least than $250 each! I'm going to sell the ones I don't like on craigslist. I feel like I'm not making any progress, but from reading my post it appears that I have a lot of info! mmmm! I think that's all for now.
  12. I hired Christopher Confero to do the design and we'll probably need to get some pieces from Deco Cancun. I'm going to talk to Wendy tomorrow. However, I know Le Blanc offers free room nights for the bride and groom and free unlimited private functions, but they say you have to book directly through Le Blanc. I can't wait to hear what options Wendy TA has. What are you doing for DJ and photography? I want to use Del Sol, but I'm not sure I can work it into the budget.
  13. Hi Ladies, Update: I decided to hire a wedding designer to handle ALL the decor and such for my wedding at Le Blanc. I have a very specific modern chic theme I'm trying to achieve and hiring this person has taken a load off my back. Question: What are you guys doing about travel for your guests? We want as many people to come as possible so I'm going back and forth with Le Blanc and a trave agent trying to find the best rates/arrangements. However, LeBlanc has the best comps for the bride and groom, but our guest would have to book their flight and room seperately. Also, I wanted my guests to have the option to make payments on their trip over the next year. Thoughts/Suggestions
  14. Hi Ladies! I decided on Le Blanc for my 8/4/12 wedding! We just got back from a site visit and this place is absolutely AMAZING!!! Nicole
  15. Hi Ladies! I officially decided on Le Blanc for our wedding 8/4/12! We just returned from a site visit and this resort is amazing! So far, I've been getting a regular response to my questions from Yesenia at Palace in Miami. We're trying to decide if we're going to do the group room block directly through Le Blanc or just work directly with a travel agent. Also, Yesenia sent a vendor listing today, so I'm starting to look into that. I really want lounge furniture for the reception, but I'm hoping it's not too expensive. Please feel free to ask me any questions! Nicole
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