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  1. We had our dinner there, we had 38. It was at the outside portion of the restaurant. They set up a head table and then had 2 long tables angled off from there. We had a 4 hr cocktail party at La laguna, it was good cause we had 86 people total, with a smaller group the lobby bar might be ok but the live music doesnt start till after the show at 10.
  2. Well I am in serious Mexico withdrawls now! Where to start!! Wedding..... we met with Vanessa our second day there. We went over a list of things ,flowers, music etc. Took about an hour. She was so organized that it was a breeze. I forgot a couple things so over the next few days I would run over to her office, questions answered in 2 min! We had the ceremony on the beach which was amazing. When we, the girls got there everything was perfect! Ceremony went off without a hitch! They shuttled us everywhere we wanted to go for pics, drinks etc. We had a private family dinner at Portfino as there was 86 of us and that would have cost a bundle for a full dinner so 36 for family and wedding party was perfect which was no extra charge. We had La laguna from 7 to 11 , was very nice. Used our tablet for music and all was good. About 1115 Vanessa said we had to shut it down cause the rooms are near by so no problem, off we went to Colonial lobby, live music till 1 am, and we shut that down! It was a wonderful day and I cant say enough about Vanessa and her team, absolutley fantastic! The resort is very very big but I liked that because with a group of 86 it was nice not to be stepping on top of each other all the time. the shuttles are really good, we used mainly at night if we had a few drinks! Once you figure out all the paths and short cuts its not more than a 5 min walk anywhere. Staff were fantastic, just an issue with the front desk manager when my guests with day pass forgot to get their ID when they left. Vanessa did everything she could to deal with it, but he was a bit of an AH. Luis at front desk was great, along with Denise the waitress in colonial lobby. Overall it was a wonderful wedding/holiday, the 2 weeks went by way too fast! I put a few pics on my profile on here, cant seem to load them on this.
  3. I was able to add pics to my profile so you can go there to see a few , will post more later
  4. We are back!! Had an awesome time! I will write a longer review later but I must say Vanessa was wonderful, fantastic and I could not have asked for a better WC. She is so sweet, professional and accomodating.
  5. Well we are heading south tomorrow, we ae there 2 weeks and the wedding is on 29th, so I will post a review when we are back!
  6. I cant remember from my last trip there, do we need to take a power converter or do our plugs for electical devices fit the plug ins there?
  7. Manda, Just read your full review, sounds like it was wonderful. Thank you so much for writing it, it really helps, I will do the same after our wedding because I have gotten so much info from here and it helps! cant wait to see the pics!! As far as the sound system, you said they have all the cords, is that for any music device or just Ipod? We have a Samsung tablet that all our music is on so just want to make sure it doesnt have to be Ipod. Did they have someone look after it for ceremony and dance because I was going to get my friend to do that for me. Great to know about the colonial lobby with music and the disco. Did you ask for an upgrade or did they just do that? I was going to email and ask but maybe I will wait till we get there and see what is offered, hopefully we can upgrade to a mayan suite since we are bringing 80 people there, and 20 are for 2 weeks. Thanks again for all your info and help
  8. We are also doing our own playlist and not a Dj, Play the music you want and save lots of $$$$ !!
  9. We are doing the same, 7-11 at La Laguna, then to the colonial lobby. Does anyone know exactly what kind of cord I need to hook up to their speaker system, usb cable or 3.5 mm jack or something else? Still trying to find out if they have stereo system on the beach for ceremony or only for gazebo cause ours is on the beach.
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