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  1. We were married January 2011 and bought a DVD with all the photos (edited & unedited) including the photos taken at our bonfire for $495 USD. We bought it the day we were leaving and it was ready within an hour or so.
  2. Our wedding was on a Friday, but the Mexican Fiesta did not interfere... I think we probably interfered with it... we were loud and never heard the fiesta at all
  3. From personal experience.... I am a very detailed and organized person as well and had everything laid out for the wedding coordinator "on a silver platter", but there were still a number of mistakes made even so that could have easily been avoided if the WC had paid a little more attention.... just be forwarded and try not to let it get in the way of your day. The resort does push too many weddings through for what they are staffed for, hence the huge WC turnover. Ours was beautiful and a very memorable day, issues aside, but just be forewarned as I'm not the only one who has had this experience... Good Luck and Happy Planning!
  4. It depends on the martini. Martini's themselves are pretty standard, but if you are going for the fancy concoctions then that might be different. I'd suggest asking Fatima to check if there are any drinks they are aware of that (a) are purple and ( taste good... that maybe the easiest way to figure out what they have on hand to make a purple drink with... Just a thought )
  5. Check on the resort having sour puss. We inquired when we were there (we like sour puss shooters ), but they did not have. . . May not be an option...
  6. The resort photographers are quite good... that's who we used and were happy with them.
  7. Well they can relax, have a few drinks, socialize, enjoy the atmosphere... I wouldn't really worry about it, they will find something to occupy their time. Or you could move your cocktail hour up and break up your photo session (that's what we did). We had our bride/groom photos after the ceremony, then had cocktail hour, then had the group photos, then dinner. That way there is not as much 'down' time for the other guests. Also, some guests will enjoy watching your photo session. If you can breakup the photo sessions with moving your cocktail hour up (and want to of course) that would be my suggestion.
  8. Yes, the judge would say a few sentences in Spanish then the translator would say in English then the judge would continue in Spanish and so on. We did write our own vows and said them when exchanging our rings, which is permissible (there is standard vows that you can do the 'repeat after me' with if you prefer) You cannot alter however the contents of what the judge must say. Make sure you let the translator know before the ceremony if you have written your own vows to say (and maybe let Patricia Romo know as well if that is who you are coordinating your legal ceremony through).
  9. The video was dubbed over in English... it was about 20 min long. see above for more info.
  10. see my comments a couple posts above... I'd suggest starting earlier and just advise your guests of the change. It's your wedding day so I don't think anyone will mind the change (and too bad if they do ;o)
  11. Only the brides hair is included in some (not sure if all) of the packages, but I think their is a 15% (or something like that) discount for other salon services... you would have to double check.
  12. We had a legal marriage this past January at Dreams PV. We arranged everything through Patricia Romo and a very sweet young lady picked us up at the hotel (arranged by Patricia) to take us for our pre nuptial class (video on the sanctity of marriage and family) as well as the blood tests. Everything went fine. The blood tests are done differently to how they are done in Canada (not sure about the USA), but it went fine. Everything was fresh out of the package and the girl taking our blood was gentle. The young lady who picked us up also did the translation for the judge. The judge was 30-40 minutes late for our wedding. Apparently the original judge fell ill so this one had to come on short notice (and arrived in jeans and a plaid dress shirt.... needless to say my mother was not impressed, but my husband and I are frequent flyers to Mexico and are aware of their laid back style... a little dressier would have been nice however, but not a huge deal). Everything was a little behind from this point so if there is a way to proceed if the judge is late then do the legal stuff later then you may want to do that (however I like doing everything when it is suppose to be done so would have opted just to wait regardless). Plus if you have to take time out to do the legal stuff later you may not really save any time. We had our ceremony at 3pm and I would strongly suggest having it earlier than later if you have lots of things you want to do (cocktail hour, bride/groom photos, group photos, 3 course meal, 1st dance, father/daughter etc dances, speeches, cake, bouquet toss, and time for dancing and socializing). Even starting at 3pm (well I guess 3:40ish since the judge was late) we felt rushed. I actually asked to start even earlier (2pm), but 3pm was the earliest the resort would allow (time to set up was the excuse). Hope this helps.
  13. Sorry to hear about the mishaps at your wedding. That shouldn't have happened. There were lots of mistakes at our wedding too, but we went the next day with a list of issues and by that evening had a letter on our bed that they would offer us a little over $1600 off, which was about 30% of our bill and we accepted. I hope you received a substantial discount as well. It wasn't about the money for us either, we would have rather all went as planned and paid full price, but since it didn't we were happy with the discount that we are now using towards our honeymoon. I'm sure your wedding was still wonderful and memorable (many of our guests didn't even realize there were issues). Keep in mind the things that did go well and your photos look beautiful, which is very important!!!! All the best to you and your new hubby!
  14. You could try contacting them to advise you were told about an option to get a CD / DVD with all the pics for around $495 (edited and unedited pics)... This is what we were offered in January of this year. We also received our wedding dvd before even leaving the resort. We didn't receive our photobook till about a month later as the photographers went back and forth with us via email to approve the proof first. There seems to be no real policy how on things or done or what things cost... just 'luck of the draw'... however a lot of Mexico operates that way. I'd certainly give it a try!
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