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  1. Hi Shauna, I got married at the Iberostar Rose Hall Suites in December of 2012. We had 65 friends and family join us and everyone had a blast. If you have any questions or want to see pictures of anything let me know. I'll answer your questions as best as possible. 1) Depending on what day you have your reception will depend on what is happening at the different bars. There is always SOMETHING going on. We had our rehersal dinner and had everyone go to the blue moon bar afterwards. When we were there they just had music playing but the night before it was karaoke and the night before that there was a band. The blue Moon bar is purple with a balcony and stage and the lobby bar is in the lobby, smaller and has a blacony as well. The Lobby bar is very chill and sometimes has live bands playing but if you have a bigger group I would have them meet at the Blue Moon Bar. 2) Can't answer your questions on notorized stuff. My husband and I went to the court house one random Sunday morning and made it legal at home about 2 months before we went. It was our own little secret and we can't even remember the day we went. We didn't even bring rings. We just wanted to not have any problems with getting a marriage license so we did it in the states. My friend got married in Jamaica and they lost the paperwork and it took her forever to get everything taken care of. It scared me so we didn't do it that way. 3) I can't remember if the table clothes touched the floor but the set up was very nice. We used the white linen ones and it looked wonderful. I think I have a picture of our table set up if you want to see it. We had our reception at Aunt Ruby's steakhouse. I'm not sure if the set ups are different depending on where you have your recption. 4) I got married on the beach but I was in flip flops and so was my husband and groomsmen. I had shoes for my bridesmaids but day of we all thought it was better if they just walked barefoot. The sand is packed but I'm not sure heels are the way to go. Even packed they are going to get their heels caught in the sand. Most of our guests wore flip flops too. My friend who wore wedges was very uncomfortable walking in the sand and eventually took off her shoes. 5) We had anywhere from 7 - 10 people at a table. I think 8 is more comfortable but you could do 10. We had the round tables at Aunt Rubys. 6) The beach party has a bon fire and a fire dancer but it is a show more than a hangout. After our dinner rehersal (it was on a saturday) we went to the blue moon bar and then people ventured to the beach party. Instead of being active everyone was sitting in a chair, watching the show. We are a more active group and eventually left and went back to the lobby bar to drink and hang out. It was entertaining but if you want to socialize with your guests I would recommend having a private party bon fire party. hope it's helpful. let me know if you have anymore questions. Marie
  2. I don't know about t-shirts for the guests but my husband and I wore shirts the day we traveled that said Going to the Chapell, Going to Married but Chappel was crossed off and it said Jamaica on it. We got a lot of great comments on it. I can send you a pic if you want. Our wedding date was on the back.
  3. Great Idea! I can only remember 3 that we had at the suites. Jamaican rum punch, Humming Bird - my favorite and a bob marley.
  4. Hey, I got married at the suites in December. We had a steel drum band play for the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour that followed (3 hours total). They were awesome and 100% worth it!
  5. Hey Guys! I just got ALL of my pictures from the wedding! We got married at the Suites, ceremony on the beach, cocktail hour on the beach and reception at Aunt Rubys. If you are interested in seeing the pictures please PM me with your email address and I'll send you the link. If you have any questions let me know. Good luck planning! You all made the right decision!
  6. Thank you! I got the bridesmaid dresses at Davids Bridal. All of my bridesmaids lived in different areas of the country so Davids Bridal was the way to go because they are so convienent. They are wearing a chiffon dress which they were happy to do because they were comfortable all night. The color of the dress is cornflower blue which I thought looked great with the ocean in the background.
  7. Thank you! I got the jewelry from a website called gilt.com. It's fashion jewelry for half price. The jewelry I bought are Miguel Ases pieces. You have to join the website to view the products
  8. Thank you so much! I loved my wedding jewelry. I got it from gilt.com It's a Miguel Ases piece. gilt.com has jewelry for more than 1/2 price off. They have some beautiful pieces but you have to join the website in order to buy the products.
  9. I'm not going to write a review but if anyone has any specific questions please feel free to email me. As for pictures, here is a link to a blog that our photographers did. It's just a few pics that captures the day. After our wedding day there is a trash the dress session that shows you a lot of the suites. For those that haven't been to the suites this should give you a better idea of what the inside and outside look like. It's beautiful! http://nphocusphotography.com/blognphocus/?p=2018 Enjoy!
  10. Hi Guys! I really haven't been an active member on this forum but I used this forum to plan my wedding. I just got married at the Iberostar Rose Hall Suites on December 11, 2011. It was an amazing wedding and we had such a great time. 64 of our friends and family came to celebrate with us. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to see any pictures. I feel since I used this forum to plan my wedding I should do the favor and give back. Happy planning! Marie
  11. We are doing something similar. Right after the ceremony we are having the complimentary champagne on the beach. That only includes one glass per guest so I'm thinking it will last 1 hour. Then the wedding party will go take pictures while the guests head towards the lobby. Nicole said we could have the terrace all to ourselves without an extra charge. We are going to provide the guests with appetizers and possibly a band but not drinks. Nicole said that they can just go to the lobby bar for drinks. The only reason we are having a cocktail hour is because we are getting married at 4:00pm and you can't get into Aunt Ruby's until 7pm. Most people getting married do it around 5pm but we wanted there to be time for pictures before the sun went down. 4pm gives us some time for a late start if necessary as well. Only downside is it leaves a gap between the ceremony and the reception so we figured a cocktail hour with some food would be a must for us.
  12. I think what I'm going to do is give the DJ all of the songs that we want but also make sure I have a playlist on the IPOD made just for the wedding. I may even take the IPOD mix and make 2 or 3 CD's out of it. I'd really hate to do that but this is making me nervous. Paula do you know who is going to DJ your wedding? Nicole sent me the name of the DJ that is working ours.
  13. Thank you for the pictures!!! I am getting married at the suites in December and we are using the Suites DJ for our reception. Nicole told us that if we provided a list of songs that the DJ would play them. Did you provide a list before the wedding? i'm super nervous now!
  14. Thank you so much for the review!!! You make such a beautiful bride!! CONGRATS!
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