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  1. Thanks for the info Kendall! Where did you get your canvas bags? I know you got the frosted bags online...but i've been looking everywhere for Canvas bags to get printed...The ones I'm thinking of going with are Cheaptotes.com... but the ones you used looked really nice, and it has the turks logo on it...
  2. Wow..amazing job! We are getting married the same week! I'm on the 18th.... We are doing bags too...where did you buy them, and did you print them yourselves? They are really nice...i love them. We are doing something similar, but your bags look much more professional then ours... So exciting..i can't wait for May - it's coming up so fast... Thanks..
  3. Also..I heard that the candy buffet and the lighting options have been reduced as well. The candy buffet is now 300$, and the lighting pkg is $300, instead of 500. Also the arches have been reduced... I'm not sure if people posted this info. If they did, sorry for repeating.. FOR, VIW, Chic & natural arch is now $350, the Seaside is $500, and the IP is still $2000. And..i think the package prices have been reduced as well...FOR $2000, VIW $3000, SS $3200, Chic $3500, IP $3900. Hope this helps....I think the most recent sales kit is dated March 1st, 2011.
  4. i know everyone has been talking about the calypso band and the steel pan player, but has anyone used the DJ services at Beaches? We're trying to decide if we should just rely on our iPods after dinner, of if we should get the DJ for a couple hours. Not really sure... I can't believe i have less than 3mths to go!
  5. my call went well with Monica..she seems nice enough. Some of the quotes were high on some things, but we will probably just do some things on our own. One plus is that we got our 11am timeslot changed!! they have some promo on till the end of this week where you don't have to purchase the IP pkg to get the later sunset time. I'm so excited...that was one of our big worries. Now we're getting married at 5pm. I'm thinking of doing it on the beach now...hmm.. and Butterfly913...i heard that if you just bring your favours, and decor that you want to add and speak with the wedding planner on site - that she usually does it for free..but who knows. Good luck...
  6. Beautiful Dress, Brandy...btw!! I noticed it in the earlier posts...it's stunning!
  7. I know i've asked tons of questions to some of the ladies here...Thanks so much. I have a phone call with Monica this evening to discuss the details. Still not sure if we've decided on things, but at least you have all helped answer some of our questions. Hopefully things will go smoothly. Thanks for all the help ladies!! I'm getting excited...we're getting married: May 18, 2011 at 11:00am (trying for a later time though) location - TBD, hopefully the gazebo BB package..
  8. Wow..thanks. That's so helpful. We received the wedding contract from our travel agent, but haven't filled it out or signed it yet. We are confirmed though and the TA booked the date/time ahead of time because they were all going fast. Things seem to happen so fast and no one seems to wait for you to decide on what you want. Sigh, very quick and overwhelming...but i'm sure it'll get easier. I don't mind all this planning...i'm so excited to be going! We have 30 guests confirmed and booked right now...but i heard that the resort is selling out like crazy the week we having the wedding - May 15-22. Already a couple of our guests have had to bump up a room category. I like your idea of doing the calypso band. That sounds really cool. I'm thinking of booking hair and makeup through another company that i've heard amazing things about. I'm just waiting to hear back....Shenique....from Sheque Perfection...i heard she's really great. We're not sure about the photography yet either...everyone seems to be recommending Tropical imaging....hmm...maybe we'll do a honeymoon shoot while we're there just the two of us. Thanks for all the advice/help....and good luck with your planning....seaside pkg really does look amazing...and i heard that you don't have to pay 500$/table if you don't want the same set up...hmmm...maybe we will revisit the pkgs. Thanks again..i appreciate it.
  9. Wow...all of these posts are soo helpful!! Thank you all!! I'm also starting to feel overwhelmed, but the pictures and the info is helping... I'm getting married May 18th and this forum is SOOO helpful. Thank you all.... Lindsay
  10. Hi Brandy, I've noticed alot of your posts in the forums...for T&C. They have been very helpful. You chose a really nice pkg..the seaside one. I think we have decided to stick with the BB pkg...the island/sunset one was amazing...but 6000$ is too much for us. I was just wondering what to expect for our WC in Miami when she calls....i'm already getting overwhelmed and have no idea what to pick for a reception/dancing for my guests...not too sure what we will do after our 11am ceremony... sigh... any ideas, thoughts....help! Lindsay
  11. I imagine they would set up a dance floor or maybe have something nearby...hmm.. I was just wondering what people were planning for their dancing and after wedding partying... Lindsay
  12. Does anyone have pictures from their BB wedding in T&C? I'm just wondering what to expect...so exciting. Thanks for all the wonderful posts...very helpful!
  13. Hi everyone... Did anyone book a DJ or band for their reception at the Beaches T&C resort? We would like to have a private dance floor and music...but we're not sure what our options are. Still waiting to hear from the wedding coordinators, but I thought I'd check to see what options people chose for their wedding day/nights. Is this possible..can we have a private dinner and dance on the beach? Has anyone done something similar? Did anyone purchase the lighting package for their event? Just curious... If anyone has any pictures...
  14. Hi LaurenMarie... Thanks...that would be awesome. I think we are going to splurge on our wedding details instead of the room....although we may still upgrade the room for the second week we are there. Not sure just yet. We are terrible when it comes to making a decision...lol. Still haven't heard from the wedding coordinator yet..but I doubt we'll have made any other decisions by then...lol.. Where are you having your ceremony? Have you chosen a location yet? I think we are going to try for one of the gazebos...beach is a little too public for us and we would like something in the shade....we'll see...
  15. Hi Meagan, I saw your pictures on the tropical imaging website....very nice! I am getting married in May 2011 and I'd really appreciate any help or tips you have!! We're only now looking into timeslots, room types and wedding details. I'm a little iffy about having the wedding at 11am, but it's likely the only timeslot available. We are also trying to decide on whether or not we would like to upgrade our room -- we're only in the Caicos Prem room at the moment...thinking of doing a one bedrm Parrot Cay suite...but not sure if it's a good idea to spend the extra money. Any advice or tips on wedding planning would be really helpful!
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