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  1. sxcT, Let us know how they turned out. Pics would be great.
  2. Can anyone tell me where they got thier wooden boxes, if they used them to put the sand and starfish in? Thanks.
  3. I did get an email back from Mayte last night and she was fine with us hosting our ceremony and a cocktail hour only. This is perfect for us as we wanted to use La Barcaza for our reception. Now just waiting to get confirmation on our date from Jellyfish, La Barcaza, and Pastor York.
  4. Does anyone know if you can do your ceremony and just a cocktail hour at Jellyfish instead of a full dinner? We would like to do our ceremony at the Jellyfish and do a cocktail hour and a few appetizers and then do our reception on La Barcaza. I emailed Mayte a week ago about this but havent heard back, sounds like she has her hands full. Thanks for any info on this.
  5. She does amazing work. I will definitely be contacting her when I have my date/guest list. Love the boarding passes.
  6. Thank you so much for posting these. I am finally in contact with Mayte. And review or suggestions would be great.
  7. We are thinking of doing cigars, coffee, and vanilla.
  8. I spoke to my WC again (Dayra) and she said that as long as there is not more than 1 wedding dinner in an a la carte restaurant , she can arrange a welcome dinner for us in one of them (at no charge). The bummer is we won't really know until we get there it sounds like. But that is ok. I may have her reserve the buffet so we have a spot and then just have her move it if possible. Congrats MandyB, are you planning to do a review? I would love to see a recent one
  9. We are planning on using La Barcaza also. Flori told me if my cruise is at 530 they will pick us up 30 min prior as they need 30 min to get to ME and get us back and on the boat. She also mentioned a $100 fee for set up if I brought my own decorations. MY WC at ME said it was fine for us to take the cake with us. and flowers if you purchase any. Hope that helps some.
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