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  1. We had the wedding - and it was sooo wonderful. Here's the link to the review of Le Reve: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/le-reve-hotel-spa/reviews/5229 And our Del Sol review: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/del-sol-photography/reviews/5230
  2. Hey Marisa, yup, we're doing the Del Sol & Le Reve promotion too! I'm so excited!!!
  3. Congratulations Sue Amanda! Did you use a videographer (and if so, how'd that go)? Sonia, as for negotiations with Le Reve, we weren't able to get more than a 25% discount on the rooms. I monitored their prices online consistently, and sometimes the normal price (when they were running a sale) were the same as the rates offered to us, and then suddenly the prices would return to normal. I know hotels do this all the time - but it was a bit disconcerting... to continually go from "hey, I'm not getting a value at all" to "oh thank god I negotiated a better price than this." Our negotiations with LR went on for weeks - all via email.
  4. Oh my god. Everyone picked the amazing shoes! I decided to go with very comfortable wedge after I tried to walk on the beach and stayed all day in my high heel while I was in Mexico for the site visit.
  5. Hi cupcake1382, I'm also trying to lose a couple more pounds, actually 6-7 more pounds. My first dress fitting is next saturday so I'm very much looking forward to it. I ordered menu and program today and going to get some flip flop for the guests tomorrow. It is so hot in new york now, and I'm seriously worried about wearing my dress in Mexico. It is not a ball gown but it has so much thing on it, it feels so heavy(it is actually heavy) and hot. Does anyone have similar concern like me?
  6. regarding the slideshow that would run in the background, how long does it take to go through 1000+ slides? Does it run for like 30 minutes?
  7. Hi. I just sent you a PM. We didn't hire a wedding coordinator - we're just using Arlenis. But we love her! And - we're also using Del Sol, and they have this amazing package where the hotel gives 2 nights free (if you book 5 days) and Del Sol gives an extra hour of photographing. Too bad the hotel won't let outside vendors do the rehearsal dinner. But, I understand they're running a business and everything... We're thinking of doing a barbeque in the garden, or maybe on the beach for our welcome/rehearsal dinner.
  8. this is one of the places I'm looking at for our post-wedding reception... our reception will end around 11:30, and we wanna find a good place for more dancing and drinking. the wedding's on a sunday night, so I assume the normal weekend crowdedness will be much reduced. Any thoughts? thanks!
  9. Good question - for those using an ipod, who is controlling it during the ceremony?
  10. I was under the impression the dress would be soiled beyond belief after a TTD session - so it's surprising (and helpful) to read that someone's dress turned out cleaner than before after the TTD and running the dress under the shower. I'm leaning toward trashing the real dress... maybe...Thanks for the posts.
  11. My dress is heavy too and I'm worried that I'll roast inside it... but I'm going through with it anyway. Good luck to everyone who's in the same boat!
  12. I want to thank the folks at BDW too! I was too busy to go down and do a site visit prior to picking the site for our wedding. But a lot of people took time to answer questions and give their thoughts. And we ended up picking a really great place. Yay BDW!
  13. We're doing a white-themed wedding (i mean, everyone will wear white or ivory - with guys probably wearing some kind of light colored pants. For some guests, we called them and asked them what they thought about that. For other guests, we emailed them photos of other white-themed weddings and told them that we're going to be doing that as well. Anyway, everyone was happy to go along with that.
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