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  1. Hi everyone So after months of debating H2B and I have decided to get married here at DT. YAY!!! We cant book just yet but are hoping to tie the knot early next year at the latest (I may have to change my username . It was between here, Secrets Silversands or Secrets Maroma Beach for the wedding and it has been quite heated at times but we have a couple of little nieces who might come so we had to exclude adults only. We intend to spend a week here and a week after the wedding at Secrets Maroma Beach. Im still a little concerned about the rocky beach at DT (my only concern really) but Im sure Im just worrying over nothing! Anyway, im wondering if any of you ladies have planned a surprise for your H2Bs for the wedding day? I really wanted to do something special for mine and am buying him a nice watch but I really wanted to do something extra (after all he has given me a fabulous ring and he is so lovely). When we planned to get married in the UK I planned to surprise him with a helicopter ride to the hotel but have had to drop that plan. Looking forward to getting to know all you ladies and share tips!
  2. Thank you lovely ladies! I didnt want to ask as there was a warning if I did I would be suspended! They are actually quite sweet
  3. Oh thanks but boo, it wont let me download because I have to make a minimum of 150 posts or pay $39 mexico vows.docx
  4. lol @ bow to the man..I will have my fingers crossed for that bit If you could find them that would be great
  5. Hey ladies, sorry if its been posted elsewhere but could someone tell me (or direct me to a thread) what the vows we take are like, a friend got married in Cyprus and I wasnt impressed with the vows.
  6. Thanks Ladies, you are all so helpful and friendly! I have decided not to rush into anything too quickly but at the same time I need to get the invites out for people to book days off.
  7. Hi ladies, I wont be booking anything untill next year but still cant decide on a hotel! Im really worried about being in a conveyor belt if you know what I mean. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to tell me what hotel you went for and why? Thanks in advance xx
  8. Hi Ladies, come over and join us Uk brides for all your destinating wedding advice on http://www.youandyourwedding.co.uk/community/forums/ Introduce yourself in General Chat then post in weddings abroad, there is some great advice for Mexico weddings including getting your dress there, what documentation you need and lots of friendly brides
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