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  1. congrats guys. if any of you need a photographer in Jamaica John is the guy he is very good..!! he did our wedding in Jamaica, and i must spread the good news, his work is something to cherish! if any of you ant to contact him his email address is. dreamlandphotographer@yahoo.com. congrats again.
  2. have you done all yours bookings already?
  3. I got married in Jamaica, and john was our photographer, our pictures was breath taken...!! and his price was really nice! you can contact him at dreamlandphotographer@yahoo.com and see if he is available for your date.
  4. you can contact John from dreamlandphotographer, he do excellent work, and i can say this because he is the one that do our wedding, we get 2 day shoot with him for 1500. he is very affordable, and you will love his work, you can contact him at dreamlandphotographer@yahoo.com
  5. Congrats guys..!! i get married in Jamaica as well, and as i can see you are looking for a photographer, i would strongly recommend John from dreamlandphotographer, he is the one that do our wedding and he is really good...!! you can contact him at dreamlandphotographer@yahoo.com congrats again.
  6. Congrats, this site is very help full you will love it here. have you done all your bookings already?
  7. YS fall is a great place to do this.
  8. Hi guys i get married at beaches negril, the martha stewart is expensive if i should say. i have picture i can send to you, and the next thing you should take into Consideration is getting a photographer while you are in Jamaica, i didn't trust there hotel photographer to get my picture, so i get a wedding photographer there, you can contact hi at dreamlandphotographer@yahoo.com his name is john.
  9. hi guys i am a beaches bride, and i didn't use there photographer because i herd bad thing about them. i use a local photographer in Jamaica so it save me a lot to fly some one in to do my wedding. he was really good....!!!! we r not a camera friendly people and the picture that we receive was one in a million!! we were working with a budget of 1,500 and we have him for 8ours! and we get all the picture on a CD and also a DVD slide show. his name is Jonh, for all my beautiful bride you can contact him at dreamlandphotographer@yahoo.com.
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