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  2. I could not have word it any better regarding quest that are unable to attend. We originally had thirty ppl, we only have twenty as of now. Even ppl that had made their deposits backout due to their finances. But it was very kind of them to extend their deposits to my other guest that wanted to come. Which thay are staying for just the weekend, It worked out perfect for three of our friends, only havng to pay $175 each remaining balance. I was disappointed, but when I realized how much we were saving from the extra heads it became a win... win... situation. Look on the brighter side, for those who can attend are suppose to only be there. You can always go back home and have something small for those that could not attend. @ the end of the day; It's about you & your soon to be Hubby!
  3. I will be using Juan Carlos Tapia for my wedding. His work is amazing. I'm so excited!
  4. Let's hope for the best. I'm right with you on that.
  5. The trip it self is a gift for our parents. They didn't want ant anything else, but be apart of our union after nine years. It is truly a blessing.
  6. I will be @ my resort for Mother's day, Dream Resorts. It is such a treat for our Mother's. : - )
  7. I could not agree with you more. I pray change happen soon.
  8. Hello May Brides, it is truly count down time for us now. Time to really buckle up and get things cracking for real. I'am so excited and happy. My brother got married on Sat past and it made me even more excited about my time. His wife was beautiful and he was handsome. So ready to be in Cabos...
  9. Congrats to you Ms. Lady! It's a wonderful time for you. As of today my wedding is 7 months away. I thought I planned ahead, which has been a year ago or so. Now that it is getting close to the wire it if feels like I'am just planning. My advice to you is stay on point/schedule with payments, deposits & over all bills. Remember, that your wedding is about the both of you & God. You have to live comfortably after your wedding. Your marriage is for a life time....
  10. Wonderful Ms. Lady. Contgrats to you & happy planning. As of today I have 7 months to go.
  11. Well, ladies as of today I have 7 months to go. Not so long ago it seemed I had a long time. Now my time is very short.
  12. Hey Ladies, May 12, 2012 for myself. So excited for the months ahead. Happy planning to you all.
  13. I have eight months to go as of today. So excited for our approaching day.
  14. Call the resort yourself. I did, back in 10/2010 & we're getting married 5/2012 Dreams Resorts in Los Cabos. Which was the date we wanted. You will @ least have your date locked in for sure. We had to send our deposit in before hand to save date. Good Luck!
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