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  1. I think it depends on how far the wedding is away from the bridesmaids. That can be a big expense right there. Since ours is so far away, I am paying for the dresses. But my mom said that is not the norm. I just think its the right thing to do
  2. Hi all! I was looking for a book to keep track of everything so I googled. I found this one on the same site I found the albums! Not sure how I missed it! I just ordered mine. http://www.shopwithcarolinagirl.com/products/Write-It-Down-A-Wedding-Journal.html
  3. You are so welcome! They are just beautiful! I emailed her and asked if she would give discounts and she said yes that she would give 10% off! I ordered more LOL. Anyway, she said to use coupon code wedding and that I could share with ya'll! All I did was type wedding in the place it asked for. You will love these! Please post back here and let me know!
  4. You are welcome! I loved mine, they were excellent quality.
  5. I was looking for something that went along with my destination wedding to Aruba. I found the most perfect photo albums! They are exquisite! Mine came in today and are really nice. They are made with banana leaves and have pages inside with raffia to hold the pictures. I am so happy with these! They had three sizes to pick from and several different designs. This is where I found mine http://www.shopwithcarolinagirl.com/categories/Home-and-Garden/Photo-Albums/
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