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  1. OMG....I LOVE this! I'm totally scratching my idea and copying yours! Love it all! Thanks so much for sharing!!!
  2. Love the detail put into these books! I will definitely need to borrow some of your ideas!
  3. This is exactly what we were looking for! Cant wait to order ours too!
  4. I am so addicted to Vistaprint! I wouldnt have thought of doing any of this with you gals, thanks a bunch!
  5. Thanks! That totally helps! I think my badge holders are gonna be a tight fit.
  6. Is their room key a standard business card size? I bought horizontal ID badge holders but they seem super small. Just wondering if the ME key will fit in them.
  7. I was up till 4 am last night... I'm so addicted to VP! Must get some rest. Thanks for the AWESOME ideas! Can wait to get my 1st order of FREE stuff....LOVE it!
  8. I am having a WONDERFUL experience so far with DW.com. I have been in touch with them for over a year now. Our TA's are Midge & Bob Kramer and they have been so responsive that they were actually the one constantly checking in with me if my response was delayed (which was quite often due to my crazy schedule). We responded mostly be email and occasionally left phone messages when timing was imperative. Initially it did seem that they were directing us to specific resorts as well that were not really to my liking. I changed my mind MULTIPLE times of the actual location (Jamaica, Mexico, Cruise, Cayman Island, then finally Carribean) and even right before I was about to send my credit card authorization for Dreams Punta Cana, I changed it to Majestic Elegance. She initially was trying to change my mind because of a bad experience she had with working with that resort. But she said she would help me with whatever resort I choose. I reserched Majestic ELegance on my own and like the reviews, so I told her that was where I wanted to move forward. They continue to be very helpful. I direct all my guests to contact them directly through our website with DW.com. I sent out my own save the dates and invitations and explicitly told my guests to contact my TA. The website is very user friendly and has allowed my guests to request quotes and even make their $100 deposits for our group agreement. Definitely do not do the group agreement too early as you may have trouble getting your guests to make their deposits within the 30 days. We misunderstood the agreement and thought the group rate would not be available past the 30 days. So since we did not want to get charged the deposits (we reserved 10 rooms), we emailed, called, texted, fb messaged all of our guests everyday to make those deposits. Well, our deposits are due by midnight tonight and we have already exceeded 10 rooms, so we will not be charged...whew! Many of my guests had lots of questions and different scenarios and our TAs have responded to ALL of them very timely. One of my guests even found the rate was less on another website and emailed them. Bob adjusted their rate the difference! I think it really does make a difference what consultant you get, I'm grateful our have been wonderful. With such a large group to organize, Bob & Midge have saved me the hassel of helping my guests with their travel arragements, something I definitely don't have time to do (more time for wedding details!). Good luck all!
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