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  1. I'm going to try that right now!! Thanks so much for the tip
  2. Hi everybody. I'm a newbie to this site and have joined an American site out of sheer desperation to help me have the dress of my dreams on my wedding day!! I bought my dress intending to get the detachable strap for the Maggie Sottero Vanessa gown to go with it as I thought it looked really nice with my dress only to find out afterwards that they will not supply parts for dresses separately regardless of how much I beg . I'm having huge difficulty finding a dressmaker who specialises in beadwork to replicate it and I've also tried Ebay and every site I can find in Ireland and Europe and no joy so I'm hoping you girls may be able to help me out!! If anyone has the Vanessa dress and would be willing to sell on the detachable strap (or indeed if they are buying it and don;t intend to use the strap on the dress) please please please let me know and I will buy it from you. All suggestions and ideas also welcome!! Thanks girls xx