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  1. Congratulations! We were recently married July 29, 2011. I would not do much differently ~ I would make sure speeches are kept short and sweet. The dancing time at the Reception can be very limited depending on if you are having a buffet or plated dinner and the length of the speeches. We had a ring bearer and flower girl and they were adorable! I brought our own toile for the chairs during the ceremony & reception - I wish we had brought ribbon instead. The best thing we did was hire an outside photographer and DJ! The resort photographer was sub par with very generic pictures. Encourage your guests to book rooms in the newer section of the resort. There were quit a few who had to switch rooms due to the "mold" smell and the resort was not very accommodating.
  2. We just returned from our July 29, 2011 wedding with 55 guests! It was everything we had dreamed of and more! We are still unwinding and I will post a full review soon! Anyone looking for a photographer, we highly recommend William Sanchez Photography! We can't say enough great things about him; he truly is an artist! We hired DJ Doremixx for our ceremony and reception - He met with us two days before and his energy made sure our reception was full of dancing!!!!! Mrs. Nicholas Kozin
  3. Any current or past brides mail their decorations to the resort early? If so, did you have any trouble with the items getting through customs and at the resort safely? My FI mom is worried about shipping sand for the sand ceremony and thinks they are going to puncture the package to make sure it is not the other white powdery substance?
  4. Micnic, Complaining - not really. Worried - yes! My FI whole family is in eduacation which left us with very limited dates to choose from. We bought fans and evian water mist bottles for the guest during the ceremony at 5:00. We are having the cocktail hour on the lobby terrace which I'm hoping will allow guest to cool off in the shade and if they want they can step inside for the AC and we booked the reception at the seaside grill and hopefully a breeze will come through = ) We are getting so excited - I have shower #1 this Saturday!!!
  5. Nicole, My fiance and I are getting married July 29th!!!! We did end up hiring William Sanchez to do our photography. Not sure what we will do with the resort photog that comes with the package but will likely have them take pictures of the cocktail hour as we will likely be off with William. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!!!
  6. Just curious... what is the average number of nights your guest are staying / stayed at the resort?
  7. Make sure to realize that every 6th room that is free is based on DOUBLE occupancy only and the majority of the nights booked. It does not apply to single, triple or family rooms = (
  8. Veronica, I totally understand!!!! I just got my update too... Does the Extra set up of chairs & tables for $165 include the set up of toile at the ceremony and the reception, including the lanterns and centerpieces that we will be bringing? This cost include only the set up for extra chairs and tables for the over 20 additional guests. If you will bring extra decoration like bows, centerpieces, gift for the tables etc, the cost for this set up is $3usd+tax per person The set up fee for the canopy is $130usd+tax+set up Do you know how much toile is required per chair to make the pretty bow? 2 meters and a half for each bow. The toile / bows on the chairs during the ceremony - can that be transferred to the reception? Also, what is the required amount of toile for the Seaside Grill? The can be used for the reception as well. The set up for the seaside grill cost $180usd+tax and you can bring at least 80 meters. We offer the set up for $350usd+tax (please see the info in the attachment) This has gotten way to confusing and we are being nickeled and dimmed for every question I ask .... not thrilling
  9. Veronica & others, Was your TA able to provide you with room numbers after the deposits were made?
  10. From what I understand the buffet is the same and is mandatory if you have a group of 50 + Also, I was advised by a previous and very helpful bride that the buffet is a much quicker process 1.5 hrs. vs. 3 hrs.
  11. Does anyone know when if the $65pp over the included 20 in the ultimate package includes the additional appetizers and drinks during the cocktail hour? Thanks!
  12. Mist, CONGRATULATIONS on your Tulum Wedding!!! What is your wedding date / location? We are getting married on July 29, 2011 at Dreams Tulum and are soo excited!!! I have been stalking the website since we got engaged in July 2010. I have spent a great deal of time on The new Dreams Tulum thread started by SunBride in 2007 and is now 400 plus pages. It is a bit overwhelming and often misleading if you start from page 1 of the thread, however, there are recent and active users. I love the idea of starting a clean thread for 2011 Brides to include the most up to date information. Sunbride obviously put an extraordinary amount of time into the thread and I am certainly not up for that challenge...... So, I will continue to check out both. Looking forward to hearing from other Tulum 2011 Brides!! Congrats! Shannon
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