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  1. Thank you Jamie, you are so sweet. I thought the Ipod was cheaper too, but they are charging for the ceremony and the cocktail hours. I just found out that a DJ is $130 per hour with a minimum of 4 hours. That totals $520. So a DJ is cheaper? I am getting further clarification on this and will let you know.
  2. So it's $568.00 for the Ipod setup. That is supposed to cover the ceremony and extended cocktail hour. And I can't use my resort vacation dollars towards it. Since we are only having a dinner, we will not need 4 hours of music, as required in order to have a DJ from the resort. Yet, outside vendors are not allowed unless a room is booked for them. Oh and there's a huge hurricane that has the potential to ruin my wedding. Today is not a good day.
  3. Has any past brides used Alex Marrufo from JSAV for a DJ or heard anything (it's the DJ that MP recommends)? I just don't want to pay for any more rooms for outside vendors and would really like to have a DJ. Any information would be helpful. Also, thank you for the comments about the room nights. Although there is still discussion about it my TA is fighting hard for us, so I will update ya'll when I find out the final verdict and if they give us our credits.
  4. Here is the dilemma I am currently dealing with. My wedding is 11/4/11. We have 57 room nights booked. When I tried to confirm all the wedding details in regards to our free cocktail hour, etc, the coordinator informed me that we need a group contract. Now, of course, this is the first time I have heard of this, so this is currently being researched by the travel agent. I am really annoyed because I have asked about these room night credits several times, and now less then 30 days before the wedding, we may not get credit for all of these people we are bringing to the resort. Has anyone had this problem?
  5. Ooooh good idea Jamie! I didn't even think of an extended cocktail hour. Our wedding is 11/4/11. So pretty much, a month away. We are at 20 people right now and it just doesn't make sense to spend money on a DJ. Thank you so much for mentioning extending!
  6. Uggggghhhhhh! If that's what they require I guess that's what we'll have to do. My photographer lives locally and it seems crazy to rent him a room. I don't understand why the $88.00 wasn't enough for them. Thank you for your help, I just feel so nickel and dimed by them
  7. Thank you Jamie. Are you planning on having someone start and stop your songs for the wedding if you use the ipod set up? Are you planning on doing a reception or just a dinner?
  8. I need advice ladies. So the wedding is quickly approaching and it's definately time to make some decisions. First off we will be having about 20-25 people attending. I am contemplating whether or not to have a DJ or just do the Ipod setup since we are planning on just having a dinner instead of a full blown reception. I figured we could all go over to the Discotech place afterwards to continue celebrating. Thoughts??? Also, I am using an outside photographer. I was under the impression that I could just purchase a day pass for him. Is that still correct? Lastly, does anyone know if the videographer that works for MP offers live streaming video. I wanted to look into that for friends and family to see the wedding live. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  9. Thank you so much for your review! It was very helpful and I will be taking many of your suggestions. Please send any additional pictures that you think would be helpful.
  10. MPWedding you are amazing ! Thank you so much for all of the photos and info. I don't have it in my budget to make a site visit, but your pics gave me the comfort I was looking for. Now I just need to decide. My wedding is at 2:00 on the beach and my room as at the Nizuc side. In your opinion which terrace would be closest to the wedding and for the rest of the guests if they are on the sunrise side?
  11. Jenn, everything looked gorgeous! Thank you so much for your helpful review and Congratulations! I know you were having some troubles in the past as far as communication and the video package, as I saw from older posts, but so happy that everything worked out. I am starting to approach the 3 month mark and am starting to finalize locations. If you could send me the link to your pictures it would be very helpful. Thank you again!
  12. Congrats and thank you so much for the review! I loved all the personal touches and hope to do something similar.
  13. Thank you!!!! It's Maggie inspired (Adorae was the one I wanted, but was over my budget) It's cheaper, but acheives the same look! I went to an amazing bridal store in Houston called "Impressions" and they custom order/make the dress for you.
  14. I loooooooovvvvve the 2nd dress!!!!! The lady who helped me find my dress gave me good advice. She said "you will probably LIKE alot of dresses, but make sure you choose a dress you feel the most beautiful in." It sounds so common sense, but it helped me narrow down my choices.
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