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  1. everything looks awesome...I love the diy tanks! they look so cuuute!
  2. your unity frame was beautiful! what a wonderful way to represent your family!
  3. I've never heard of using mr clean...that's a great idea...
  4. i love the scrabble tiles! what a cute idea
  5. monkeygrl3

    Picture of my Place Cards

    that's a fantastic idea!
  6. which ones did you go with? ( I love #1)
  7. monkeygrl3

    Cake Topper

    that is adorable...i saw these on etsy...did you send pictures? were they easy to work with?
  8. monkeygrl3

    Trash the Dress....yes or no???

    your photos came out soo awesome!! i dont think i'd do it...(hunny and the fam would freak out!) but it looks like a lot of fun!
  9. i'm in the same situation. i'm pretty sure that my family is going to give us something...but we are still in the figuring everything out stage. I am dying to know what they will give but feel kind of funny asking. we are going to set a budget ourselves and then if the fam decides to contribute it'll be like a bonus. i'd like to know what everyone else thinks too....
  10. haven't seen premade ones before...thanks for sharing...very cute!