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  1. Not so much a "welcome dinner" but we all ate together @ Arizona's the night my family arrived. The snapper was amazing!!!!
  2. No, that was actually the first time I met her. My husband found her for me, she is out of Salt Lake City, Utah. We paid for her airfare and 4 night stay at Beaches in return we got all of the fully edited digital files. We honestly didn't leave the resort, it seemed like there just wasn't enough time to do much else...especially since we brought our kids. I hear Rick's Cafe is awesome.
  3. I didn't think it was too hot at all, and even my hubby was fine in a full suit. I was so nervous about hair and makeup and forgot to bring my inspiration picture! I walked in and told her what I DIDN'T want and she said I know exactly what you are thinking. I was a little scared when she started (you can tell by the look on my face) but it turned out perfect, I was so happy when I left! I normally don't wear much makeup so I didn't get my makeup done there, with fear of it being too drastic. My photographer actually did my makeup, she is wonderful!
  4. Thank you, and no problem...I had a thousand questions before I left! Our ceremony was @ 2pm. I thought the 30 minute reception was plenty long enough. They don't rush you at all so we were there for much longer taking pictures etc. We went to the resort restaurant for dinner right after and I actually thought that was a little much, I kinda wish we would have just stopped after the reception and let everyone do their own thing.
  5. We actually burnt 2 different cds. For the ceremony they have a cd player hooked up to large speakers that you use, just make sure you have the songs in order. Flower girls walking down (if you have any), bride walking down, walking out/signing documents, and first dance. We got married in the gazebo and they gave us time to have our 1st dance before moving to the reception. For the reception we actually went to walmart and bought a cd player for $29. We brought it along with a cd and it worked out well.
  6. Hi ladies! I got married @ Beaches Negril 03/23/11. It was absolutely wonderful and soooo stress free. The staff at the resort went above and beyond and I was so happy with everything! We were married in the gazebo with the 30 minute reception to follow on the beach. We also brought our own photographer which was AMAZING! If anyone has questions I can try and answer them. Also here is a link to my pro pics. http://www.pictage.com/1028035
  7. Thanks for the great review! So happy to see they did such a wonderful job on your hair. Congratulations!!!!
  8. I think it's definitely worth the hassle if it will save you $500!!!
  9. Hi ladies! I am getting married March 23, 2011 at Beaches Negril. Pretty much the same as Sandals except family friendly (we are bringing our kids). Nice to see so many of you on here! I am doing the BB package and haven't really done much other planning. I am curious, does anyone know how much they charge for hair and makeup?
  10. I guess I'm alone but I LOVE number 2 on you...the first one is pretty too.
  11. We are getting married @ Beaches Negril simply because we are bringing our kids along!
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