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  1. At the Majestic Elegance, the ceremony was not secluded. People on the beach were watching and even came up to me to take pictures. It didn't bother me much though since I was focused on the ceremony itself and forgot there were other people around. We had dinner at a restaurant which we did not have to pay an additional fee for and that was mainly secluded, we were in a separate room but it didn't have any doors (others were able to see in).
  2. Thank you! The reception will be semi-private.
  3. Hi everyone! I'll be getting married at the Majestic Elegance on May 13, 2011 (in a few weeks!). We'll be having our reception dinner at the steakhouse restaurant and since the dinner will be at a restaurant, I never thought to have any center pieces. Any previous brides know what the table decor is like at the Asadito restaurant? There will be 30 people attending the wedding, so I'm trying to picture what the table and seating will be like (I looked at pictures to help me). Thanks! Elif
  4. Would anyone happen to have information regarding excursions/entertainment around the Majestic Elegance Resort? I would like to provide some information for my guests when they arrive to the resort. Thanks! ~Elif
  5. Does anyone know how much it would cost to get an updo at the Majestic Elegance Spa? I'm trying to get some information for my guests but having a little trouble. I saw the Majestic Spa Menu had an option for a "Special Hairstyle" for $80 and wasn't sure if this would be what I was looking for. I e-mailed the salon as well, but didn't hear back from them and my wedding coordinator did not have the answer. I will be getting married there in exactly a month, so I would like to plan for my guests accordingly!
  6. Beautiful Beach Wedding at the Majestic Elegance!

    Pros: Friendly staff, Clean
    Cons: Horrible room service, Bad photography service
    Hello everyone, My husband and I had a symbolic ceremony at the Majestic Elegance on May 13, 2011.  We stayed for nine days and our wedding day itself was a wonderful experience; it's something I would do over and over again. When we arrived to the resort we were welcomed immediately by the staff with a refreshing towel.  They also took our luggages to deliver to our room.  We booked our room in the Elegance Club so we had a butler that showed us around the resort after we arrived.  Our butler, Carlos, was wonderful and began our tour by bringing us to the lobby bar.  He introduced us to the resort's signature drink, the Majestic, it was delicious.  Carlos himself was very friendly and informative, he even carried our bags as he gave us the tour (including my wedding dress).  Carlos brought us to our room immediately after the tour and our luggages arrived to our room ten minutes after we checked in.  Our room was breathtaking.  We had a swim up suite, which had a living room and bed room.  Our room faced the ocean, so when I went to sit out on the patio first thing in the morning, you heard the waves crashing.  My husband and I also put together out of town welcome bags for our guests (which we personally gave to our guests as they arrived; I wasn't too sure how reliable the front desk would be).  The first day we arrived to the resort, we received a letter under our door from our wedding coordinator that indicated a day and time to meet her.  We originally were in contact with one of the WC, Lisangeles, before we arrived to the resort and ended up having a different WC work with us for our wedding, Dayra.  We had 28 guests come to our wedding, including one infant.  I had my hair and make-up done at the salon.  I was very pleased with my hair but was not 100% pleased with my make up.  When I got back to the room, I touched it up a bit and it came out perfect.  Our ceremony was on the beach at one pm and the decorations were breathtaking.  My bouquet, the boutonierres and our mother's corsages were of excellent quality.  My husband told me that before I walked down the aisle, he had to ask our wedding coordinator what to do; she really did not coordinate much.  My husband also told me he ordered some room service for me and the bridal party right before the wedding and it never came.  We also had a sand ceremony which came out smoothly; she had a poem I wanted her to read and went very nicely with the pouring of the sands.  Although the ceremony was in the middle of the day (where the sun rays are the strongest) the ocean breeze helped everyone feel a little more comfortable.  We also provided fans for our guests which were placed on the chairs before the ceremony.  We had our cocktail hour at 2:00 at the Sea and See Terrace and everything could not have been scheduled at a more perfect time.  It began to rain during the cocktail hour and we were under an awning.  Eventually the rain stopped later that day.   We had our dinner at the Steakhouse Restaurant at 6:30 and that went very well.  Our guests commented and how good the food was and if there were some people that did not eat steak, they served chicken.  We also did our speeches and our cake cutting during dinner and that went nicely.  The dinner was semi-private in that we were in a separate section of the restaurant.  We told Dayra that we wanted a round cake, but ended up with a square cake.  This did not matter though, the cake came out beautifully (they had put the same type of flowers that were in my bouquet and we provided our own cake topper).  We also asked for strawberry filling in our cake and ended up with chocolate, which was also fine, the cake tasted great.  Dayra also suggested for our vases from the sand ceremony to be placed on the same table as our cake (for decoration and we agreed) but was never done.  This did not matter to me since it was her idea.  After dinner, there was some time before the disco opened at 11.  So we stopped at the casino, which was not what we expected.  The disco was a lot of fun and our friends and family danced the night away with us.  Our WC told us during our meeting that we would get a breakfast in bed the morning (9:30 specifically) after our wedding and a dinner for two on the beach the night after our wedding (7:30 we were told).  Our breakfast in bed never came and my husband brought this up to the concierge (which is in the Elegance Club lounge); they still never came.  It rained the night after the wedding, so we asked the concierge if our dinner on the beach would be postponed.  We had to make a reservation for the dinner for two, which we made for the following night.  If it had not rained, we would have showed up thinking everything was taken care of (since we were told we were going to receive this).  We used the resort's photography company for our pictures.  Our photographer was Junior Cruz.  We originally were supposed to have another photographer, but we were told that he no longer worked there.  The pictures came out beautifully, but there were some things that were annoying.  We scheduled a day and time to pick out our pictures to be printed which we did, then we scheduled again to pick up our pictures the following day.  When we went to pick up our pictures, our photographer was not there to give us our pictures and we were told that it would be ready the following day (the day we are scheduled to leave).  We explained to them that we had to pick up the pictures first thing in the morning because we were leaving in the morning and they agreed.  When we arrived first thing in the morning, our photograher had to be tracked down (still not at the shop) and when he did arrive, there were still some things that were not completed (such as our disk of pictures which he put together at that moment).  So if you have your own photographer, I would recommend going with them.  That's something I would've changed.  I found the people that worked at the resort to be friendly and welcoming.  The resort itself was beautiful and you always saw the workers cleaning the pools.  The pool was a lot of fun and I especially enjoyed  the swim up bar; that was our every day swim up spot.  The restaurants weren't bad, everyone's favorite restaurant to go to was the Hibachi (which you have to make a reservation for).  One restaurant we didn't try was the French restaurant.  We had our rehearsal dinner with our bridal party and family at the Italian restaurant (this restaurant has a dress code).  The entertainment was good, such as the Michael Jackson and the Magic Show.  One thing about the resort we were annoyed with was the room service.  There were some days it took a couple of hours for it to arrive and they always messed up our order.  I think if they did not understand what you wanted, you got a ham sandwich.  We also saw that people had surprise banners on their room doors, which we did not get.  Some people either had newlyweds or honeymooners written across their door.  Overall, our experience was great and I would love to go back.  I would suggest to use your own photographer and not the resorts and make sure you reserve your breakfast in bed and dinner for two on the beach (if you're not told to do so).  If you have any questions don't hesitate to message me!  I hope this review helps :-)