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  1. I agree. We had 32 people at our wedding in November and everyone said Arlequin was hands down their favorite, atmosphere is intimate too...its hard to get into as they are not always open so book asap.
  2. I know. Depending on what time the band starts I might bring my ipod dock and have the first dance at the lobby bar. Then request a song from the band for the father/daughter dance at some point. It would be a risk of not getting to do the dances but I'm sure we can sort something out...Has anybody out there not had the private poolside reception? Any Advise?
  3. I'm strongly considering not having the private poolside reception. I'm worried that with the limited bar tons of people will head over to the lobby bar anyways and the group will be separated. There is a band that plays at the lobby bars every night so that eliminates the DJ costs and everyone I've talked to in my group has said "forget about the poolside party, we'll have fun wherever we go" We are a very social group and I almost think it would be fun to mingle with other travelers...I've heard that they will rope off an area for you in the lobby bar for a bit of privacy..I hate decisions.lol....Any advise would be appreciated :-)
  4. I sent Eugenia a list of my witnesses and how they are related (1 brother, 2 cousins and 1 friend) She said that was fine.
  5. Does anyone know if you have to pay for the DJ if you're having a private reception? I'm bringing my ipod with a fairly powerful ipod dock..I really don't need a DJ for 30 people. Especially at $200/hour just to press play.lol.
  6. I'm doing a slideshow. Just a heads up it costs $250 to rent the equiptment to play it. Maybe email her again, she mentioned that she had to reserve it for me. Price is a bit much but I think its worth it. We put so much effort into making it perfect...I always cry at weddings during the slideshow..lol.
  7. So now I'm obviously overthinking every little thing.lol...A lot of people in this thread have suggested to print out all of the emails from the wedding planner and photographer, etc.... For me this would be a novel..do you think its really necessary? There are a few internet cafe's at the resort that I could use if I run into any major problems...what does everybody think?
  8. So we're at 31 guests so we're limited to only 1 entree choice :-( We do have a couple of vegetarians with us so our options are quite limited. What did everyone else pick for their dinner at Dolce vita? Any feedback from anyone who had their dinner there? Having a hard time deciding just one..help!! lol
  9. Someone on this thread a while back mentioned that there was an online catalog for flowers/bouquets. Does anyone know anything about this? I wouldn't mind checking that out if its available. Thanks :-)
  10. Linner..that would be easier. PM me your email and I will send you the pricelist. Let me know if there is anything else you might need. I might Have it. I love this site. I'm just realizing now how lost I was without it.lol.
  11. Well that works out then..the poolside reception sounds great! I was worried about having our receptions in the same area.lol..that would be a bit much I think. I'm relieved that we're both at the same point in the planning process...Let me know if you have any questions. I'm sure we will see eachother at the airport..I can't imagine there will be many 20+ groups boarding the plane.
  12. Did you end up getting the welcome package template from midnight 24? any chance that you could send it my way? cweber_1980@hotmail.com
  13. Yep. Air Transat..leaving at 6am on the 14th? Did you guys get upgraded to first class? I was just kidding about the restaurant.lol..as long as they don't make me eat seafood, I'm happy. We decided against the poolside reception..we're running out of money.haha. I have a guest doing my hair and make-up so the best hairdresser at the resort is all yours ;-) What time is your wedding at? ours is at 3pm on the beach. Are you guys doing the private reception? We'll have to make sure to have our receptions at different locations..I'm sure we'll see you at the nightclub though..I'll be the one in the white dress.lol I'm at the same point as you...done planning until we meet with Eugenia..I can't wait to get down there. How many guests do you guys have?
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