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  1. I would definately play two songs so that it highlights the entrance of the bride. I had canon d for the bridesmaids and here comes the bride for my entrance. They will stop the music and start the new song when you appear.
  2. The 2500 is if you want a private reception. They will close down the restaurant and only your party will be there. Totally not worth it for a small wedding. You will not feel awkward at either restaurant.
  3. we recently got married at this resort and booked without Chandlyn at the grill for our rehearsal. we were 17 in total,however, the dolce vita was closed for our wedding day and the only other restaurant they have weddings is at the grill and I did n't want to have my rehearsal same place as my wedding. we asked chandlyn to make a reservation for us at the buffet and she said she would but she didn't. when we got there we just asked the waiters and they put a few tables together for us. it all works out.
  4. Can anyone who has been here recommend any good excursions?
  5. do you have a photo of your vases?
  6. erin, were your centerpieces actual vases or drinking glasses - I can't tell the height by your photos. I really love them and want to copy them. I;m not sure where to look at zellers. I couldn't find them but I will go to another zellers.
  7. Erin, I love those centrepieces. I just can't figure how big they are because you said you used glasses and not vases and how do you put the light underneath? Is the glass not flat?
  8. erin, do you have a photo of your centrepieces. I don't want to bring glass so I'm not sure what to do. What did you do for your flowers? Are they from Tai? They look real nice.
  9. What a gorgeous dress - you look absolutely beautiful!
  10. What kind of gift did you bring for Chandlyn and how much did you tip? I have never been away so I'm not sure who and how much I'm supposed to tip. Was her assistant present as well?
  11. glad to hear you say that - I was so diasppointed. I will try again. I can't believe I cannot find a photo of daisy boquet. I thought it would be so simple. I do love orchids too though - but my favourite colour is yellow so I'm going with yellow roses for my boquet.
  12. I'm sharing my shower favours for ideas.........
  13. I asked Jan's for bridesmaids bouquet of daisies - I didn't think this would be complicated as it is such a simple flower but she sent me the photo and it had mums in it and carnations and a coloured rose? I'm afraid to use them now. What is everyone doing for flowers? Please share if you are bringing from home or if you are using a different vendor. Thanks