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  1. Thanks posting the link! Got mine almost filled :-) Sooo cute to go with the citrus theme for stuff to fill the bag with!
  2. Found super cute bags on the Oriental Trading Website. They are the citrus fruit totes. Perfect size and they fold to look like pieces of fruit! I will try to get a picture to post or just check out their website. You got 12 bags for $12.99!
  3. Please ladies tell me if i am over reacting! I have contacted a wedding travel agent here in the U.S. who has confirmed a date for my wedding and assured me that our date was fine with the resort in Mexico. Just to make sure it was all set i had my brother in law (who speaks spanish) confirm the date was ok with the WC at the resort and she told him there is already weddings for that date and she has no record of my request to get married there! UGH!! Should i be finiding a new travel agent? Or is this a common problem and i am just being to picky about a certain date?
  4. Thanks Lexico! If i can ever confirm a date to get married there I will be all set! My travel agent here says one thing and the hotel wedding coordinator say something else! Very upsetting.
  5. Any one got married or visited the resort?? I was referred there by someone due to the size of the resort being similar to the Moon Palace but closer to Playa Del Carmen. Need help on if this is the resort i want to use for our wedding! Thanks Ladies!
  6. Oh wow you have just confirmed my greatest fear and I'm only inviting about 50-60 people!! Why are people so rude/stupid though?? What do they want you to say when they ask? Sorry you just were not good enough to make the cut. LOL maybe responding that would get them to quite down.
  7. Is it impolite to invite people to a shower who are only being invited to our AHR and not the wedding. Mostly our exteded family and co-works understand why they are not invited to the wedding and will only be invited to the reception. But can i still invite them to my shower??? my mom and fiance both say yes...i'm not sure...HELP!
  8. Thanks this site has been soo helpful already!
  9. This info was really helpful in planning and i was wondering about the $1500 and how that really works. Thanks ladies!! :-)
  10. Went there last year...wish i was more tech savy or i would have picutes for you! LOL i really liked the resort but i wouldn't consider it for a wedding, not a lot of resturant choices and the pool is pretty small conpared to other places i stayed, beach i nice but can get overly packed with guests since there is not a lot of room by the pool. It was nice there is a seperate area for kids so didn't have tons of little ones running around.
  11. I have been in June and thought the weather was beautiful!! Planning my own wedding for July 2011! :0)
  12. Thanks! i understand the budget, that is a factor for us as well...i will kepp looking and have started work witha TA...As soon as i have a decision i will let everyone know!! :-)
  13. Aww, very cute story! Congratulations and happy wedding planning!! :-)
  14. Looking to do destination wedding in Mexico and trying to decide on where to go?!? Top three are Moon Palace, Dreams and the Now Jade Resorts. Any pros and cons to those three places??
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