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  1. Yeah, it is on there as I type right now. It is a box Ads by Google above Featured Sponsors.
  2. Excuse my newbie to the board here but something is bugging the death of me. So many people in this one alone talk about how bad or problems with them but this board has an advertisement of them up in the top right hand corner. I don't get it. Maybe they don't know then someone should tell them. Are they endorses them or not? I'm confused.
  3. bride 1106 - we have a large wedding and got a Terrace as a suggestion too. I am on break right now so I cannot get that email but I can send it to you over the weekend.
  4. I just want to jump in here regarding the information our, heck I am going to call her a DWP (Destination Wedding Planner) because she is more than a travel agent. What she told us regarding the pool deck is not that wide because of the chairs there for the day use and on one side you can have people walking through to get to the beach. It seemed like the beach or some terrace area was the only place that was more private. We decided not to use the resort because if they are giving me problems now whats going to happen when it gets closer to my wedding. Oh, another item I did not like was when our DWP showed us pictures she took while staying there. The bathroom is wide open. I have sisters who would share rooms. The headboard for the bed on the other side is the sinks and a frosted door for the toliet and shower, no, I am not going to put them into that.
  5. When I contacted them a few months ago, an Ana replied once but I got so frustrated with not getting them to answer back. The email she sent had none of my questions answered just that the date was not open. Well, thanks but I asked for any Friday or Saturday in June 2011. She did not come off professional at all. Then when I finally found a great planner in the Chicago area to work with she stated that their company dropped this resort because they could not trust them after that lady screwed up a wedding earlier in the year. But you know what, my planner now answered my questions about the resort anyways. The same ones I could not get out of the resort. What a shame. It looks like a nice one, maybe for a trip but a wedding, my suggestion, pass to the two Now Resorts. That is what we are deciding on.
  6. We wanted to have our wedding sometime during the summer next year after graduation for the both of us. Our planner advised us to keep out of hurricane season to look towards Memorial Day - 4th of July because the waters are not warm enough for them to form. She said many hurricanes over the years starting forming around the second week of July but that does not mean you are free of storms at anytime between May 1 - December 1. And she also told us to not "bank on hotels with hurricane guarantees" because of the fine print where the storm has to hit the hotel you are in, not just the destination. I know she gave us a couple of personal experiences traveling during the summer and I think even through October. That gave us the comfort to take at face value what she was saying. One more thing, she gave us a website on weather that we could look back up to five years of information on the date we are looking at. I don't want to get into trouble regarding posting a website but the company name is Weather Underground. What we did was enter in the city, and I believe it was towards the bottom of the page a date thing you can change. Then it shows you what the weather was like on that date whatever year you pick. It allowed us to narrow it down, but we are waiting for all of our resort choices to come back with open dates.
  7. Does anyone have the Martha Stewart Destination Wedding Magazine, I believe published earlier this year around March? Would like to get a copy of an article that my planner is in. She sent me a copy but even as an Adobe file it is so large and looks scan in. Maybe if someone has it lying around it they would part with it for the cost of postage? The article does not have a title, just pages of hints, tips and suggestions about all functions of a destination weddings. I want to send it down to my fiance so he can see it too. He had issues opening up the file. Can anyone help?
  8. I contacted them and ended up asking for my money back. I don't know how they do or say that they do destination weddings. The consultant I had was forcing me into a place like a used car salesman. Pretty hard sell. I asked for a change and got the same thing. Then when I asked about the resort's wedding stuff I got no response back, just about the travel and what the resort could do for me. Finally I asked for my money back because all they were doing is selling me travel which any travel agent could do. That is why I scratch my head as to how they can say destination weddings when all I felt they wanted my travel money. I want someone to hold my hand, not keep searching the internet to find out what I should be doing. Thankfully I found someone who is working with us on both our wedding planning and all of the travel stuff. Less headaches for me and no used car sales man pitches. I have learned more in the few weeks with this lady then I did getting bounced around those guys. I don't know if I can say her name here or suggest with the TOS but you can email me. All I can tell you is she is not with Destination Weddings.com, she is out of Chicago.
  9. Did not see this one. I posted in 2010 Chicago brides. Barrington/Iverness here! We picked the destination south of Cancun but not the hotel yet. Hopefully by the end of this week, Now Resorts. Got any ideas?
  10. Fellow Chi Brides hi! There is only one of us who are in Chicago, the bride, but the groom is finishing up a graduate study abroad in Argentina until January. Thank God for Skype and Magic Jack, when he can get a connection. Just spent a few summer months down there what a city, Buenos Aires. I am at the parents in the Barrington/Iverness area while I finish up my internship. We went for a destination wedding because he has divorced parents and remarriages, step family, it would get messy on who is paying for or doing what. I have been to the holidays over the four yrs, I do not want that for my wedding. Actually if a fellow Chicago area bride is looking for a truly great destination wedding planner, than email me because I found a winner who is in the Northwest Suburbs and knows so much. Wow! I thought my head would explode. I could not get the hotel to email me back, thought they wanted the business. I didn’t have time for all this and still do my internship. She came in, we setup a Skype so Kurt could talk. We still have not made the choice be we have it narrowed down to the two Now resorts in the south Cancun area. I am still looking for any input from brides here. Tried The Knot but nothing is going on there. I saw this place was suggested. Welcome the input if someone has had a wedding there.
  11. Has anyone else had problems contact this place? They got me so frustrated with the delay responses and excuses as to why. We really wanted a Dreams Resort because we got engaged at Secrets Maroma last year. Since my sister has kids this was our best bet. I saw on The Knot that others did not get any emails back or so late. Thankfully I found the Destination Wedding Association who hookewewed me up with a great planner. We are still on the fence between their new Now Resorts, but now I can sleep with professional responses. What bugs me is that how professional are they if I cannot get an email back at this stage. I'm afraid they will leave me hanging till I get down there, then I would be a basket case.
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