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  1. I did sell them but as I posted earlier you can snag these sashes on ebay for around 100 or so bucks...
  2. Ebay is where I ordered mine. Search on Ebay for guava chair sash and they come right up. Mine were organza instead of satin.
  3. Chair sashes are gone and I do still have my veil! I will send you info on shipping costs and some up close pictures.
  4. $55.70 is the total cost (shipping included). Let me know if you are interested.
  5. $10.70 for shipping to that zip code. That is the cheapest I have found. It really is a beautiful cake cutter. We actually did not even use it at the wedding. It is so intricate and beautiful....
  6. It would just be the knife. The server is engraved with our names and wedding date! Let me check shipping to Washington and I will let you know!
  7. Shipping to Canada is appx $33.00 and that is the cheapest I can find (it would be through United States post office). Which item(s) were you interested in?
  8. I have 100 chair sashes and they are all still for sale. I intended on selling them for 1.00 each plus shipping (which is not much, they are so light weight) or $75.00 for all of them (free shipping if you buy all of them). I have a friend who is a wedding planner and she let me use her chair covers. I did some price comparison though and you can almost buy chair covers for the cost to rent them. Depending on where you are located my friend may let you rent from her. Let me know if you are interested! You can also email me at couchkristen1@gmail.com
  9. For decorations i had a cherry blossom theme. I alternated centerpieces. I used lots of branches and had Japanese lanterns in ivory on the ceilings. My cake was cherry blossom themed as well. I hope this and the picture helps. I made my own bouquets also..
  10. Here is how mine looked up against the chairs with the guava dresses!
  11. Chair sashes are still for sale and I will post a picture of the cake cutter!
  12. Also for sale is a size 36C corset like bra. 30 for the corset plus shipping which will not be much at all (5 or 6 bucks). The bra will fit a 32 or 34 as well. It is very tight and does it's job.
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