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  1. this is the best pic I have of the room and the tables. It had big window so you could see the ocean and we were dance machines so it was nice to have air conditioning so we didn't sweat here are a few more that the photographer took...
  2. Hello Sunsetselene, Congrat of the destination wedding & Welcome to the thread. You will find a lot of helpful info on here. My photographer was Alberto Ponce and there was another guy but I didn't get his name. I did not have a videographer b/c my friend videotaped it but previously in this thread a girl said she got the videography from the resort and it was amazing. I liked my photographers and there work. let me know if you have any other questions
  3. We changed our location once we got there. We initially booked El Patio, but decided at the last minute that we wanted to go with one of the locations offered in our wedding package (El Patio was going to cost us $700) We had our reception indoor above El Patio/Portafino. It was amazing! Air conditioned! We had 4 tables of about 8 people. I will post pics of the table set up and some of what the potographer took. I was nervous about them setting the table up for me but it turned out amzing.
  4. Hello MrsRobinson12, Thank you! We had a great time. It really does all fall into place once you are there. We went with the Dreams of Love package. I let Justin choose the meal b/c he is a much pickier eater than I am. We had the Bruschetta w/ Proscuitto, Minestrone soup w/ basil, Ceasar salad w/ blackened chicken, and the main course (which no on could stop talking about) was chicken stuffed w/ spinach, cream cheese and pepper sauce over a bed of mash potatos!!!! amazing!! we also had our wedding cake which was amazing and three milk cake w/ strawberries. We were stuffed. I'm glad we went with the resort services. they did a great job and I didn't have to worry if things were getting done or arriving on time. it was very stress free
  5. My dad performed my ceremony and these two was the most special picture for me
  6. I'M BACK!!! It was amazing! I don't even know where to being this review b/c for me everything was an A+++++++ The Resort: Amazingly beautiful. There was so much for everyone of our guest to do. They all said they had the best time of their lives. We did not plan any big events for them b/c we wanted it to feel like a vacation for them w/out any time restraints. I think that was a good idea and allowed all of our guest to truly enjoy this time. Food: I'm not a picky eater so I enjoyed all the restaurants. I'm not big of buffets so I didn't really go to the World Cafe too much but my husband did many times. We tried all the restaurants and didn't have a complaint about any of them. I think Justin really enjoyed the 24 hour room service a little too much Overall there was something for everyone and the food was great. The food at our wedding was AMAZING. Every single person at the reception said it was the best wedding meal they had ever had. Wedding: Our wedding was awesome. I mean truly beautiful. We went with one of the resort wedding packets and that was the best decision i have ever made. Sandra made everything so stress free and they catered to our every need. We got our flowers from the resort and they were amazing. Our wedding was at 5pm and it was beautiful. We got several compliments after the wedding about how nice our wedding was. I got my hair down by the resort salon and it was beautiful. The resort photographer took our pics and they turned out great. I have no complaints and I'm glad I didn't go with any outside vendors. The resort did an amazing job. Overall: I am SOOOOO happy I did a destination wedding. Best decision of my life I met a bride, Angie, who got married the same day as we did and she was beautiful and her family was so nice. She and her husband looked amazing and their wedding was pretty awesome as well. If you have any questions please ask and I will be more than happy to answer!
  7. Ok this is kinda a weird question but dose anyone know if the resort has a gym?! I'm gonna be there for 12 days and I can't imagine not working out for that long
  8. Tracy15 - Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I hope other than the few minor mishaps, you had a great time?! Thank you for the advice on the centerpieces. I will have to check out your photos. Congrats!!!
  9. Nairay & Tifuhhknee - i checked our your photos and they are amazing. You both looked so beautiful!!! The resort looks amazing. Congrats girls!
  10. Tifuhhknee - I'm so happy for you! And I'm happy it all went as planned. I will def have to check out your photos. Jessicap - I can't wait to meet you. I am getting so excited. We are in the process of finalizing our plans with Sandra. We went with one of the packages and we are a little torn on what we should do about centerpieces. Other than that everything else seems to be falling into place. I'm still a little nervous about transporting my wedding dress.... Well good luck with the last minute to do list and I will see you in Mexico very very soon!!!!
  11. thank you thank you thank you!!! i love it!!! i hope you all love your dresses as much as i love mine!!!!!
  12. My dress is finally here. Yay Yay Yay Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Ahhhh, I got sad for you while I read your post but I'm glad it had a happy ending and Yay for you NOT flipping out. I don't know if I could have contained myself Love love the invitations. I think the colors are amazing. My wedding dress came in yesterday and I am happy to say my story is not as dramatic as yours It is a little big but still pretty amazing. Keep me posted. We both will be departing for Mexico in no time!!!!
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