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  1. Thanks! Not too much....My carry on had wedding/recepion outfits and I checked in two pieces - One had decorations, the other had my clothes, shoes, makeup, toiletries, etc. I stayed at Azul from Wed to a Monday and then we went to another resort from Monday to Saturday. BTW- If you want to go to a truly amazing honeymoon resort that supercede Azul...try Banyan Tree Mayakoba. It is unbelievable.
  2. Ladies, If you have not selected your destination wedding photographer...select Sierra Blanco Photography. She photographed our Indian/ Nigerian wedding weekend. We had a Nigerian event Saturday night, an Indian wedding Sunday morning (noon), a reception Sunday night, and a TTD shoot on Monday afternoon. They were phenomenol--They are very creative, have a good eye, are easy to work with and extremely friendly. Two weeks after our wedding (June 12), they posted some (a lot) of our wedding photographs on their blog site. Everyone that has seen the photos says they are amazing... If you don't believe me, see for yourself. http://www.sierrablancophoto.com
  3. We had our wedding on June 12 and used DJ Doremixx...He is fantastic. One thing that I learned about the wedding coordination at Azul is that Lomas travel changes their "rules" and requirements to increase their revenue. Also, the WC in the Miami office are not the best at giving correct answers, as they are just the messengers. When you ask a question, they go back to Lomas or the onsite WC to get an answer...and they change based on who you talk to. So, push for what you want.
  4. Agreed..send it to her...but real sloooooooowlllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! :-)
  5. I live in South Florida, so I can tell you that the bugs will be coming out, especially after the rain. :-(. The good part is that the ocean breeze should help reduce the mosquitos. The bugs that are complete pests are "no seeums"...yes that is their name. They are tiny bugs that you literally can not see...kind of like sandflies. If I were you, I would put insect repellent in the bags. Avon makes a good one tht is not toxic. It is called Skin So Soft Bug Guard
  6. We are going with Doremixx, but we haven't had our wedding yet. My FI and I had a conference call with each of them to get a better feel for their services. There have been positive reviews on both...we went with Doremixx because we felt that he would 1) do a better job at mixing American, Indian, and Nigerian music for the reception 2)his website and responses felt more business/ professional like and 3) just got a better overall vibe. I think you can't go wrong with either...but, have a conference call with them and see where your gut takes you.
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