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  1. We are so excited! I can't believe how quickly the time passed and that our big day is next weekend! We just have to put together our programs and I'm still waiting to hear from the tailor on my dress. My FI is running around like a mad man since he has just begun all the things on his "to do" list, but at least he's got a few more days. And after all this snow and ice and cold weather in Dallas, we can't wait to hit the sunny beaches of Playa! I've never been to Playa del Carmen before, let alone, The ROYAL, but after reading all these posts and everyone's reviews and feedback, I can honestly say I have never been more excited for anything! ONLY 8 MORE DAYS!
  2. Has anyone had a slideshow done for them that they watched at their wedding or during their time at The ROYAL with guests? My bridesmaids put together one of those movie slideshows with pictures and music for us and we wanted to show it the day before the wedding, but we aren't doing any kind of private event welcome dinner type thing, so I'm not sure how or where it could be set up for our ~40 guests. Any ideas? Only two more weeks! I can't believe it! Kelly
  3. Hi Nadiah, We chartered a private catamaran for our group (36 people so not too big). We are going the day before the wedding (friday) since we are getting married on Saturday and most of the people who can't miss too much work are leaving on Sunday. Here is the link to the company we worked with incase you're interested - http://www.paradisecatamarans.com/. Our contact there - Mark - is really nice and totally accomodating. PM me if you want more info. Kelly
  4. 2011 Brides kshows - February 12, 2011 Kelksyt - February 19, 2011 JacqueCO - February 20, 2011 MichelleCrock - February 26, 2011 Elizabella75 - February 26, 2011 DiahR - April 1, 2011 GC2008 - April 10, 2011 Aricak64-April 11, 2011 pineapplebride - *maybe* April 2011 Suzy831 - April 16, 2011 Jennie0521 - April 28, 2011 ChicagoBride2011- May 1, 2011 speedy130 - May 7, 2011 SarahE786 - May 15, 2011 Violagirl (Jen) - May 21, 2011 rosieposie - May 22, 2011 Maritza - June 3, 2011 risa 1818- June 12, 2011 Jozee84- June 15, 2011 JHarris - June 17, 2011 Bride2B22- June 21, 2011 Sweetle - June 24, 2011 Prettypigpig - July 4, 2011 Heidi88- July 22, 2011 miadionne - July 23, 2011 nikkiscriv - July 25, 2011 Augustbride2011- August 20, 2011 duffeje - September 2, 2011 HannahASH - September 3, 2011 Bride2bDebbie - November 20, 2011
  5. Does anyone know anything about golfing in Playa del Carmen? I'm not a golfer but my fiance is, and although I love him dearly, his idea of planning is, well, opposite of mine. So 'm sending out our "Wedding Weekend Itineraries" so our guests have an idea of what to expect and can plan and pack accordingly. My fiance wants to invite our guests to join him for a round of golf Friday morning. Since we are not able to cover this cost for our guests, I thought it appropriate to at least list approximate pricing for green fees, rentals, transportation, etc. Since he's more of a "I'll wing it" king of guy, he said to just list golfing as an option for Friday morning and to tell people to see him if they are interested. But from what I know of golf, you have to have a reservation, especially if you have a decent size group, which we were thinking about 10 people would be going. Plus, he doesn't even know of any decently priced golf courses or which are nice compared to others (besides what we find when we google it). So, I thought I'd ask my trusty forum buddies and awesome ROYAL brides if you have any ideas, know from experience, or heard of anything regarding golf in Playa del Carmen. Thanks for listening to me vent a little and for any info you might have! Kelly
  6. Lisa!!! Thank you for sharing these. They are absolutely gorgeous! It looks like you all had an absolute blast! Everyone looks like they had a wonderful time and I love how so many of your guests are in blue as well. Very very cool. Congratulations to you both. And, you look beautiful! These pictures make me so excited and they are a perfect insight for the little details we are planning now (just to pass the time)! Kelly
  7. Thanks Randi! Your pictures are GORGEOUS!!!! Is the white linens in the gazebo their standard decoration or is that an upgrade?
  8. Thanks to all of you who recommended Marvin at Maya Diseno Flora. He's awesome just like everyone said. So accomodating and goes out his way to create things you like. I sent him a picture of the bouquet I ordered from the Royal, told him my colors and my favorite flowers, and within a couple hours he had sent me several pictures of different bouquets he had made up for me to choose from. AWESOME! I highly recommend him for any soon-to-be brides looking at flowers. To any recent ROYAL PDC brides - would you be willing to share your pictures from the big day? I'd love to browse through them. We are getting down to the big day and I am looking for ideas and inspiration as we focus on the details now. We opted for a DJ for our reception, and I remember reading on this forum that it seems most the time DJ Ivan is the DJ you get. Is he good? Did you provide a "do not play" and "must play" list? What about genre recommendations? I know our group and they will pretty much want a lot of classic rock, country, and a little bit of hip hop. Is there a way to tell this to the DJ before hand? Less than one month to go!
  9. Hi Nikki! Congratulations on your wedding! Now is all the fun planning. I just discovered this forum about 1 1/2 weeks ago and it has seriously been the best thing in the world! There is so much information and insight on here. Not to mention, you get quick answers to your questions when you post them. It's a Godsend!
  10. Thanks for the feedback ladies. I FINALLY feel like I'm getting somewhere with the details of the planning thanks to you all! So of course, now I have another question! Most of my wedding party is staying at The Royal, however my sister (who is my MOH and best friend in the world) is staying next door at the Gran Porto. Is there anyway I will be able to get her into my room where me and the other girls will be getting ready all day? It is just tearing at my heart that I might not be able to share this part with her. Also, where did the guys get ready for the wedding? It seems some of the wedding packages include a room for the guys to get ready in (pending availability). Does this actually happen? Or where did your FIs and their groomsmen go to prep for the day? Happy Monday!
  11. Wow diahr, I feel for you! Its funny I've always heard about the "in-law" dramas or fiascos, however didn't realize how it seems so many people actually go through it! That's a shame your in-laws (to be) can't seem to make the wedding of their own son a priority. I've gone through this with a few people in my family as well and the best advice I was given (and that has helped me the most) was to realize they will regret it in time to come. In the meantime, letting them know how upset/hurt/frustrated you are with their decision only gives them more power, etc. I know every situation is different, but I was getting completely consumed with the people who I was sure would come opting out, that I was losing focus on why I chose a destination wedding to begin with - because it is going to be the best day of your entire life and you and all the people who DO make you a priority WILL be there to celebrate you both and the new life you have together...so focus on those great people and hopefully it will make you feel a little better! Oh, and good luck with the "sit down" tonight!!!!
  12. One more quick question regarding flowers - If you order them from Marvin at Maya Diseno Floral and we meet him in the lobby the morning of the wedding to pick up the flowers, where did you put them or take them so that the centerpieces made it to the tables in the reception? Does your onsite WC work with you on that? Thanks again!
  13. Good Morning Ladies! Does anyone have a good map of Playa del Carmen? I'd like to include it in our OOT bags. Or do they have free ones down there that I could just grab 25 of when we get there? Also, for ROYAL PDC brides who have been married at/in the Gazebo, has anyone actually had the seats all in (under) the gazebo? We have a bout 35 guests and although it will be tight (I think) I would really like us all under the gazebo, so I'm trying to get an idea of its dimensions or if we would even fit! Thanks! Kelly
  14. OMG! THESE ARE SO SUPER CUTE!!!! WHAT A GREAT IDEA! I definitely want to add these to our Welcome Bags too!!!!!
  15. Thank you Randi! Your answers are very helpful! So you were happy with your choice of marrying at The Royal? Did everyone have fun? (I can't imagine that not being the case!)
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