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  1. For some reason the attachments i provided in my message above are not opening, here are the pics
  2. Just got back on Thursday from my wedding at Sandos, WOW! The resort is beautiful! Lupita was AWESOME and took care of everything once we arrived! All of our guests (there was 23 of us) stayed in the Haciendas (the premiere haciendas near the meeting point. No complaints, except the pillows and beds were awful! I recommend to anyone to at least bring your own pillow. Otherwise each Hacienda had their own private pool which was a BLAST. A couple nights we all drank by the pool and had a great time! Wedding was at 5:30 on the beach. We started pictures around 2-2:30. I hired Doranna to do hair and makeup, she does freelance work and lives in Playa, and she did a FANTASTIC job! Recommend her to anyone, she was perfect!! Definately recommend a wedding at a later time as it was way too hot around lunch time. After the wedding we took group photos and headed over to the italian restaurant as its more private. Food was good and cake was OK. Overall, loved the resort. Entertainment is wonderful! The decor is beautiful, and the ocean is breathtaking! If you have any questions feel free to ask! Here are a few pics from our special day..
  3. Question-- I have read reviews here and there, and am wondering, what is the best section of the resort to stay in? Id like our group to be close to eachother, and would not have a long walk to and from our room. Can everyone let me know where they stayed or what they recommend?
  4. Thanks again for your feedback. I am panicking just a little about the hair and makeup hopefully all turns out well!!
  5. Thanks for the review!! Im getting married on May 5 and am so concerned about the hair and makeup..did you bring in photos for your hair? Was the beach ceremony pretty windy..would you recommend having your hair down with it being so windy? Also, for your reception did you rent out the disco? Im still up in arms on what to do after and will have a 9 year old child with us as well. SO not sure what to do after the ceremony..any information would be great!!!!
  6. Beautiful pictures!! Question--Is it fairly windy on the beach for the wedding? Was thinking of having my hair down, but looking at her picture it doesnt look that bad..
  7. What do you have planned after your dinner? Are you doing a private reception?
  8. Thanks for the review!! I am also interested in getting my makeup done by MAC ( i hear its fairly close to Sandos) how did you go about doing this? Did you call and make an appointment, do they speak english there? Did the lady come to the resort to do your makeup, was there an extra fee for that?
  9. Sunshine, I think that is a great idea just to hang out at one of the bar areas. I have talked to a couple brides on here that did that and they said it was a great decision. Otherwise if you do private or book the disco there are a lot of added fees and its just as much of a great time simply doing something on your own with your wedding guests. Cant wait to see pics!
  10. Getting married at Sandos Playacar On 5-5-12! Love the reviews and pictures everyone is posting!
  11. Very exciting! Still havent heard back since sending in my reservation request. I did leave the number of guests and rooms blank, as it is still a little early to have a number. Chanel-Question about your photographer. Are you giving them a day pass? Or paying for a night to stay at the resort...I have read mixed reviews on this and have not yet decided on a photographer...any input would be great!
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