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  1. I was struggled with the same thing when I started planning... I thought of my 6 year old niece all dressed up and playing in the ocean for the first time ever and didn't think I could imagine my wedding without her! BUT>>> That is only ONE day out of the vacation. Who will make sure she is having fun and safe the rest of the time while her mom & dad are off trying to relax? And do I want to deal with other people's (strangers) children whining and crying and running around the resort the whole time I was there? NO!!!! I want a peaceful, romantic & memorable wedding. I will still call her my flower girl at my reception... and she still gets a pretty dress! Being your niece & nephew are older than 6, I can see the dilemma. I talk to your family about what you WANT first. If they start hesitating about the kids not being able to go... Make your decision from there. You have to choose and not worry about what other people want/expect from your wedding. There will always be someone who has an issue with something. How do you imagine your day? How do you imagine your honeymoon? Go with your gut!
  2. I really feel for you! That situation sucks! Unfortunately I don't see him siding with anyone but his family. His mom has a big hold on him it sounds like... No matter what decision he makes he disappoints either his mother or his future wife. Guys do not like to feel pressured and really hate having to choose sides, he needs to take some time and think about what HE really wants... Without influence from ANYONE! You are going to have to talk about this and soon, your family is already booked?? I assume his family knows this? Do they have trip insurance or can they cancel if things do not go your way? Can your family talk to his family and try and smooth things over? Good luck, I hope you get the wedding of your dreams!
  3. My FI's sister is a going to be a groomsmaid. She will wear the same color dress as the BMs. I told all the girls, to pick out their own style though. She will stand up front with the other groomsmen as only the BMs and myself are walking down the aisle. That is what made the most sense to me anyways!
  4. I started about 6 months or so out... It takes a while and quite a bit of money to get the items you want. I am less than 4 months away now and all the stuff in the pic above is in a suitcase! No joke! Not to be opened until Jamaica! I still have welcome books and tags for the bags to make, but they will be pack separately.
  5. I am pretty much done with the bags! Woohoo! Here is my close to final product...
  6. It is from David's Bridal.. I believe it is part of the Galina collection.
  7. Here's mine... I don't have a pic of me in it though... My mom has it.
  8. Thank you all! We are very excited about how they turned out! We bout the boxes at Micheals for .99/each. They are "Celebrate It" brand. They measure 6.5in x 3in x 3.5in. I made the sticker template from a few few different templates I got from here! They are about the size of an index card. I printed 4 at a time on 8.5 x 11 Avery Shipping Label paper #48165. I put the tmplate below... The rest out my OOT bag contents include: Bag from cheaptotes.com, which we will screen print soon, money holders, layards, leycard holders, cards, welcome book, ete. Not 100% with them yet.
  9. Sorry the pictures are so big, but here are my Oh sh!t kits! They are done! YAY! Almost done with entire OOT bags, but it will be a while before I can get them screen printed. Will post more pics when done!
  10. I am starting to think about just paying the $30 to bypass it!
  11. What a great idea! I love the personal pics! They will LOVE them!
  12. OMG! I love these! I am also a "Couples" bride, although I will be at Couples Swept Away. Could you email me the templates you used?
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