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  1. Peach, There is one and it's called Dreams Punta Cana Brides! But it depends on what kind of photos you're looking for, there are a lot of pics of actual weddings, people with their wedding parties, and some trash the dress pictures, but not a lot of receptions. I think one girl had up a couple of links posted that showed her entire wedding. I was scouring the internet when I was still planning and just by searching for Dreams Punta Cana weddings and clicking the images tab on google you can find some if you go through the links. It takes a long time but there is some stuff out there
  2. Hi ladies, My husband and I are back from the wedding and settling in. I just wanted to post the link to our wedding pictures. I know I was freaking out looking for photos when I was planning, so hopefully this helps. Let me know if anyone has any questions! http://www.cineartphotography.com/eric-kristin-dreams-punta-cana-wedding
  3. Hi again everyone! I may have good news. I don't know if anyone loves the chivari chairs that Dreams has on their website as much as I do or if anyone was disappointed at the price Dreams quoted for providing them ($20 per chair), but I found an outside vendor who said he can provide them for $3 a chair plus $450 for transportation and set up, which is still kind of pricey but much more do-able, ending up being about half of what Dreams was charging. Also he sent us an email yesterday saying that he'd spoken to Jennifer and she gave him the green light to provide the chairs for us even tho
  4. Rawr!! Ok ladies, I've officially had my first bridezilla moment, and feel like I have to vent, and also I think it might be helpful information. I know a bunch of you have seen the new photos on the Dreams website of the wedding and reception sites. They are absolutely beautiful and with some of the things that have been changing lately with Dreams (like the change in the photographer policy) I was like perfect, that's exactly what I want, if it's on the Dreams website, maybe they offer the things in the pictures like the chairs and lanterns, different linens etc. So I inquired
  5. Hi ladies, I also got the same info about $20 per chair to rent the Chaivari chairs which is absurd. So right now I'm emailing with a local company that supposedly can provide them for $4 per chair. So I'm getting a final quote and coordinating w/ Dreams to see if they're going to give me a problem about having another company handle the chairs. I've also inquired about whether Dreams can provide me with the lanterns that are in the photos for a rental price, and whether they can rent tall glass vases. I'll report back after I have solid answers.
  6. I'm not sure about acrylic vases, but I am looking into having Dreams rent vases for our centerpieces since they don't have bigger ones on hand. I left another voicemail w/ them today and will post the pricing info on here when I have it. Fingers crossed that it's not too expensive. I'm asking them about the tall glass vases and about the lanterns they have in the new pictures on the wedding tab of the website on the Himitsu and El Patio Terraces.
  7. Tink - you do have to do Pre Cana for a Catholic wedding. You have to do it w/ your home church or an approved online course and then submit it to your parish to give you the green light and send all of your paperwork to the priest at the Dominican parish. Send me a PM if you have more questions. My fiance and I are in the process of finishing all of this stuff up.
  8. Also with respect to this whole photographer business, really big part of my decision to book an outside photographer is because the resort would not provide me with their portfolios, any samples of the work they do, or any information about what type or style of photographer they are. I was not comfortable just showing up and leaving the photos of one of my most important day/events up to a person I'd never met never having seen their work before. I don't think it's unreasonable for a bride to ensure that her day is captured in the way she wants by a person she feels comfortable and confide
  9. Hallelujah!! It's only going forward that outside photographers are not allowed. If you booked your wedding with them prior to today you're good, although I don't think it would hurt to confirm via email so that you don't run into any problems.
  10. ummm I'm REALLY hoping the photographer thing only applies to people who book their weddings after today b/c I already booked my photographer for my May wedding and have already put down a ton of money toward it. I'm frantically scurrying to get in touch w/ the resort to confirm one way or another b/c I'm having a freak out moment right now!
  11. Hi Sherri, my email address is kwaller82@gmail.com. Thanks in advance for the pics! Being a control freak I'm starting to freak out about how everything is going to look w/ out being able to see it before hand. Thanks again, and congrats!
  12. Hi Sherri, your pictures are amazing, you look beautiful! I was wondering if you have any pictures of your reception. Our wedding is scheduled for May 21st at 4:30 with our dinner and cocktail hour on the Himitsu Terrace. It also looks like we're expecting around the same number of guests you had, so I'm just curious to see what the set up looks like. Also, how do they do the cocktail hour? Is everything in the same space as the dinner, or do they do the cocktail hour on one part of the terrace and the dinner on another part? Thanks!!
  13. The prices will almost definitely go down. We're getting married in May, so the different time of year may affect you a little bit, but my best friend got a great deal for our wedding, I think she's paying $800 a person for a week (she's an amazing bargain hunter). My experience is that if you keep a look out you should be able to get a week for well under $1500 a person (unless your guests upgrade). I think my family paid somewhere in the range of $950 per person for a week for a standard room and airfare w/ one layover. If you have any other questions let me know!
  14. Would you mind sending me pictures of the centerpiece options? I'm still debating what to do about them and whether I should consider contacting a local florist. Thanks so much!
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