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  1. Hi everyone! Man, what a week I'm so glad it's FRIDAY...yippee! Lindsey - yeah I ass monkey is an awesome term...another good one is ass clown LOL. Unfortunately, I did give the wedding party a deadline but my one BM absolutely thinks she can get a better price last minute. For me I can't take that risk cuz i'm booking a wedding. That's why I was so stressed out...I was worried she might not be able to find a last minute deal. At this point i don't care anymore. I think I might just find a back up BM or just leave it un even with 1 BM and 2 Groomsmen. Acireta - yeah i guess you're right...bunching together for pics will look better than standing in a line...but it really sucks that there is only 1 BM and 2 GMs. I'm soooo glad i got the group rate... I guess when it comes down to it your GOOD friends always pull through for you. Hahah at least it's the weekend you don't have to worry about your assmonkey coworker Meggers - Yah you're lucky you have loyal BMs....Funny enough the GMs are all booked with us so it's only that one BM i had to worry about. I heard about other ppl having issues with the resort being completely booked too! I don't think you sound too harsh at all I mean if those people are that inconsiderate of other ppl's weddings then yeah they deserve to be staying in the lower hotel by themselves! I'm like you, I would never put my friends in that kind of stress by trying to book last minute just to "maybe" save a couple hundred bucks! Are you having yours at the Royal? I heard some of the weeks have already been sold out! Avens - Well at least your BM who's the teach told you well in advance about her situation. Unfortunately, mine just told me when we were close to booking the trip. I agree with the other girls above that having an uneven wedding party is okay cuz you have like 3 or 4 already. I just still think it's weird if i only have 1 BM and 2 GM. So you should be okay. WedFashion - Yeah it was my bad to thinkg that the whole wedding party would cooperate and book when we booked. I did later on communicate with this BM but she still insisted that she could find a cheaper and better deal. Whatever! At this point I don't care if she comes anymore. I hate stressing about this one BM.
  2. Thanks for your support you acireta,LMango & Meggers7484! I always thought uneven bridal parties looked well....uneven! Doesn't it look like one of your BMs did a no-show? Fortunately, a few of my friends stepped up and helped us with the group rate! Yay! I'm so glad that they could help us. Our group quote was almost close to expiry so we pretty much had to call anyone to see if they could make it. I'm glad that part worked out. *phew* People ARE assmonkeys when it comes to other people's weddings! If I couldn't find a person to room with my MOH she would've had to pay an additional $650 on top of the group rate for single occupancy which I found ridiculous! I'm glad that part worked out. So now I just hope that BM that didn't book with us can make it! Meggers7484 aren't you nervous that your wedding party can't all make it? That's what I'm afraid of. When are all your weddings?
  3. Thanks acireta! This site is awesome. It's great to have support and support other brides as well. Yeah I know my BM not being there wouldn't prevent me from getting married but my wedding party only consists of 2 BM and 2 Groomsmen. It would look uneven with 2 groomsmen and just 1 BM. I'm impressed you handle this situation so well. I wish I could do that too I just let it consume me and stress me out thinking about the "what if she can't come?" "what if she can't book the hotel" Yeah without the BM coming we can't makehe that magic number to meet the group rate criteria AND the other BM will have nobody to room with therefore she would have to book single occupancy which is $600 more than the double occupancy price which I find ridiculous. Dunno, I just feel that if you make a commitment to be a BM then you should keep that commitment. sigh...my wedding is in Sept 2011
  4. Yeah I know how you gals feel. I have a BM feels that she cant' afford it anymore and that she can find a better deal herself even after I told everyone after I was engaged the cost of this DW travel commitment. At this point I don't even think I can make the group rate happen because I depended on her to make that final number for the group rate. Also, if she doesn't travel with us I don't have the reassurance that she will be there for the wedding. What if she can't find a flight for the same day? What if she can't stay in the same hotel? Oh the stresses!!!!!
  5. Also I want to add that when I did get engaged I told the wedding party roughly what the cost would be... So it's not like it was a surprise.
  6. Hi everyone, This is my first post! I just like to say that this forum is so extremely useful. It's nice to get advice and perspectives from other brides. Here's my problem. I'm doing a destination wedding and have already selected all the members in my wedding party. Everyone but one person in the wedding party refuses to come together and book with the group. I know $$$ is the issue and my BM says she can't afford it and knows she could find a better deal if we wait till 4 months before the wedding. Now the group has booked minus the one BM. I feel so stressed because what if she can't make it on the same flight? What if the hotel is completely booked? She guarantees that she'll make it for my wedding but there's no reassurance to back that guarantee. What should i do? I was talking to some of my other friends and they said that I should remove her from my wedding party. Should I or should I take the risk of her not being able to make it? Please help!
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