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  1. I have a question for all past brides who hired an outside photographer.... Would you recommend asking that the Dreams photog not be there at all? Did they get in the way of the photog you hired? Or did they still provide some good shots that maybe the outside photog did not get? Thanks!
  2. Wow, that is really silly that the DJ doesn't "do MC work". I was on the fence about a DJ because of the bad reviews, but the announcements were the main thing that may have swayed me to use one. Guess that's out, don't want to pay $50 for someone to do 5 announcements. We are only having about 35 guests, so I think we are going to stick with ipods and speakers, and ask my brother or the best man to do some of the announcements. Some of the previous brides have done this and said it worked out fine with a group that size. Gowiththeflow: What PV photog are you thinking about using? I really liked Karla Benitez's work, and her prices are great, but I think she is booked for my date. I think I'm going to fly someone in, but really hate that $500 fee.
  3. I am still considering bringing an outside photographe (I just signed my contract last month). Rebeca told me if the photog is from PV then I'll only have to pay the day pass, but if it's a photog from somewhere else then I would have to pay the $500 fee. That seems pretty steep to me, especially since you don't get any kind of discount on the wedding package if you decide not to use their photog. Anyone have any insights??
  4. Thanks for the link! Think I may do these flats  http://www.zappos.com/rocket-dog-madella-ballet-pink-thai-silk  There are also some cute flats from dessy.com, but don't have a pale pink or green. Â
  5. I am searching for pale pink or apple green flats or sandals (not flip-flops). If anyone spots anything let me know! I would love to wear some of these gorgeous heels, but would then tower over my FI.
  6. After reading through this entire thread and several of the reviews from past brides, the tres leches cake is the only one that multiple said was good (otherwise cakes and desserts in general got pretty bad reviews). Rest of food seems to all have pretty good reviews!
  7. Thanks Jessica! That definitely makes me feel better about the music and reception area. Â I think the only thing I'm still undecided on at this point is the photographer. If any couples used the Dreams photog and could tell me about their experience that would be helpful. I think I'm leaning toward hiring an outside photog, just because they seem to be much more artistic than the Dreams photog, and I definitely want to do a day after shoot.
  8. I wanted something cute and casual...my fiance likes this one... Â Forget your high heels and tuxedos, just pack your flip-flops and your speedos We invite you to share in the joy as we begin our life together as husband and wife. Angela and Eric will be married on the beach DATE TIME PLACE
  9. Great review--very helpful! Sorry to hear about the DJ, but I think this may help sway my decision to just use an ipod and sound system and ask friend to do some MC-ing. I'm going to do the bonfire also, and I'm so excited about that part!!
  10. I'm so happy that's it's actually ok to not be traditional--one of the perks of a destination wedding! Great info!
  11. Thank you so much. I have been stressing about wording--don't want to offend anyone, but I'm just not traditional!
  12. Thanks Jenn. I just realized that I can offer entree choices (I had originally been told that I had to choose only 1), so that makes one decision easier! I have decided to do the bonfire as a welcome party in lieu of a rehearsal dinner, and I'm sooo excited about that! Â Are there any past brides who had just the speakers/ipod setup for the reception? I am having about 35 people, and don't necessarily want to pay extra for a DJ, but I also don't want someone to have to man the ipod all night, and someone had posted on here that volume was an issue because it changed from song to song.... Also, how would you signal to everyone when it's time to cut the cake, etc? I read a few posts that mentioned Rebeca had made the announcements, but I don't want to count on her (I can't imagine she stays through EVERY reception!). Any insight? Â Thanks girls! It's so great to have someone to throw all these questions to (so I can stop hearing from my FI--"I've never been there before either babe").
  13. Hi everyone! I am getting married at Dreams PV in April 2011. I just reserved my date a month ago, and decided on a Friday ceremony and reception since all the Saturdays were already booked. After reading a few comments here, I am nervous about the theme night on Fridays! I am having the ceremony at the gazebo and reception at Las Palmas Terrace. Anyone have any idea if it will be too noisy? I had planned on renting the speakers for ipod music, but want to make sure everyone can hear it! Â Also, does anyone have any recommendations on the food? I am having 30-35 people, so plated menu, and I would like fish but am concerned about my guests being picky eaters. Â I just started the planning process (and reading this thread), so I have a lot to learn! Â Angela
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