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  1. Hi - Did you request Doremixx? I asked Ana about him and she wound up booking another DJ for me; Luis De Alba. Has anyone heard of him???? He wrote me a very nice email and was very responsive, but I'd rather go with someone who is referred by one of you ladies.
  2. Congratulations again! Thanks for all the feedback! I can't wait to see your pictures! In the Divine package, are the transfers that are included for back and forth from the airport or just to the hotel? My TA just mentioned to me that they only cover to the hotel and is charging me $70 for a return to the airport. Lisa - I know you mentioned that Juliana is slow to respond, but I have emailed her multiple times without a response. Did you communicate mostly through email or over the phone? Also, I might have asked this before, but did Pilar charge you extra to use the outside vendor as some have written on this post? Thanks!
  3. Congratulations Lisa! Absolutely beautiful! All of your hard work and planning clearly shows! How did it work out with using Juliana? I know Now Jade hasn't been too happy about using outside vendors for flowers? I need to confirm with her soon that she'll be doing my flowers too! What flowers did NJ do for you? Also, love the shoes! Can you please tell me where you found them? Lindsay
  4. Hi - We had gone to Greece as part of a two week cruise around the Mediterranean and were only in Greece for three days total, but it was so wonderful that we swore we'd go back soon. In Santorini the cruise ships docks a couple miles from the island, so after taking a boat to land you have two options to get to Fira, which is the main part of the island: Donkey or a Cable Lift. Either is fun and definitely an experience. We wound up doing the volcano tour one morning, which is pretty cool. Afterwards they took us on pirate ships to the hot springs where everyone jumped off the boat into the water. The water is crazy warm around the springs, but full of iron, so don't wear your best bathing suit! Chris and I wound up spending the afternoon at one of the black sand beaches. The cafes are pretty much right on the beach, which is very convenient and fun. We wanted to rent ATVs since we saw a lot of tourists riding around with them, but didn't have time. That night we took at cab to Oia, which is the best place to eat dinner and watch the sunset. It is absolutely breathtaking watching all of the ships come in. As we were walking to the restaurant, we passed a fisherman that had just caught a huge swordfish. He was delivering it to the restaurant where we were eating, so of course we ordered it! Our table was literally a quarter inch from the end of the dock. I accidentally dropped a fork in the water and could even see it on the bottom of the ocean floor! In Athens we did the popular Parthenon tour, which you have to do. It's really amazing to see these structures and buildings that have been there for centuries. We also took a tour out to the Temple of Posidon (I think that was the name). That was just okay. Check out the original Olympic stadium (very quick) and many other ancient ruins that are still standing throughout the city.
  5. Lisa - Where are you going in Greece? I'm so jealous!!! We were there in 2007 and cannot wait to go back. Santorini was absolutely our favorite place in the world!!!!
  6. Hi - My hair and makeup appointments start at 2pm and my ceremony is at 6pm. I'm rethinking the time though and considering starting an hour earlier. BTW - I had asked Ana about the size of the canopy on the beach since I had heard it was 6ftx6ft and my fiance is 6'4". She said just to remind her during our meeting and they can make arrangements for a larger one.
  7. Hi Stacey - I just made all of the hair/makeup appointments for the day of the wedding and a trial the Thursday before. Ana sent me one email address for Angel Rojas at the spa. spa.nojrc@nowresorts.com I received a response within a day with the confirmations. From the times given of the appointments, it looks as though there's one person doing hair and one doing makeup, giving each appointment about an hour and a half. Not sure if I had a choice of who does what. You are getting married the day after me if I remember correctly...I'm July 2nd.
  8. Thanks! I guess I'll just be prepared for whenever she feels the time is right! I decided not to bring any decorations down with me, but will bring OOT bags and items (not 100% sure what yet). I'll bring all receipts just to be safe and try to separate the items into mine, my fiance's, and my mom's bags as much as possible. My favors and place cards/settings are being shipped directly to the hotel from the women in Mx that is making them. Should I assume that all of you are bringing your dresses with you on the plane? Have any of you called the airlines to confirm they can hang it somewhere in the plane?
  9. Hi Ladies! I took a long and much needed hiatus from planning, as it was making me nuts! I missed reading all of your posts though and finally caught up last night! Meg and Tiffany Congrats! I'm so happy to read that everything went well and you had a ball! For all of the new ladies, I am excited to hear your plans and share any ideas. I've recently sent some emails to Ana to get the ball rolling again, but similar to all of you, haven't heard back yet. I booked our trip and most of my guests trip through Destination Weddings, so my TA mentioned that if I continue to have a hard time with contact that she would step in. Definitely helpful since my job doesn't allow for much planning time. For those of you who were married on the beach, I believe that I've read here that the canopy is 6ftx6ft. Any of you have tall fiances? We were planning on doing a beach wedding, but I'm getting nervous that it might be too short for us. He is 6'4" and I would hate for his head to be cut off in all our photos LOL Also, for those of you who used onsite vendors, did you have much contact with them prior the wedding or did Ana/Pilar handle? Since we're not getting anywhere with Ana, I'm wondering if I should just work around her. Lindsay - July 2, 2011
  10. That's great! How's your planning going? When will you be going down to the Now Jade?
  11. Awesome news Lisa! I do have hope for us! Thanks for sending the virtual tour link! I needed that after truding through the snow (AGAIN!!) this morning. I'm going to post that link on my blog so my guests can really see how beautiful NOW Jade is. Maybe it will spark a few more responses.
  12. Thanks Lisa - This flower decision has not been an easy one. I really hope she contacts you soon. Keep us updated (as you always do!) Ally mentions in another thread to contact Alex, the events coordinator to try and and get in touch with the florist. I may do that as well. Here's the info I found on another thread: Juliana - Cancun Florist (998) 884 11 04, 887 17 00 - whatever that means!!! floreria_paraiso@hotmail.com http://picasaweb.google.es/paraisocancun/catalogowebfloreriaparaiso? Alejandra (Alex) Orozco alex.orozco@yourcancundmc.com alex.orozco@mexicodmcalliance.com 011 52 998 880 59 99, 998 271 17 21
  13. Hi Ladies, Happy New Year! It's been quite a while since I've last posted. I figured that I didn't want to make myself crazy planning over the holidays, especially after reading how slow the response rate has been. I would have gone nuts! But now I'm back and in full planning mode. I see we have a bunch of new additions - Welcome!!! Also, THANK YOU!!! to all of the brides who have gotten married in November and December for posting your reviews, pics, and planning. I don't know how I would do this without your help. I may be reaching out to you with questions. I've finally gotten through all 127 pages of posts and most of my current questions have been answered. I still am wondering though about flowers. A while back one of the brides used an outside vendor and received great prices. Has anyone else looked into this? Lindsay - July 2, 2011
  14. We're also doing a symbolic wedding in Mexico. Getting married in church in NJ first with just our parents and MOH/BM.
  15. Congratulations Tracy! You must be so excited. Any pictures would be greatly appreciated! Best of luck!
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