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  1. pbj, Do you think that you could send the planning sheets to me too? kmbride2be@gmail.com Thanks in advance!
  2. Can you send me the excel spreadsheet too? Thanks! kmbride2be@gmail.com 48 booked at DRC 4.2.11
  3. Would it be poissible for you to send me the timeline? I don't have access priviledges. Thank you! kmbride2be@gmail.com
  4. I was just informed of the news that DJ Ivan no longer works with the hotel. Have there been any recent reviews regarding the new in house DJ?
  5. I was just informed of the news that DJ Ivan no longer works with the hotel. Have there been any recent reviews regarding the new in house DJ?
  6. I was told that the sashes are $5 a piece. I have heard that you can get them from linensdirect.com but I agree with you; the suitcases that I plan to bring are filling up quickly! I have been advised by the hotel and past brides that it is not in your best interests to send anything directly to the hotel because you don't when or even if it will get there. What to do?!?!?!
  7. I would definitely book NOW! The rates for airfare will only increase! march is definitely HIGH season for Mexico. It starts teetering into the low season as hurricane season approaches. I would definitely work with a travel agent if you have the chance to. It is great to have your guests contact the TA with any questions so that you are free to plan all the special details. We are getting married at DRC April 2, 2011 and have 48 guests booked, and counting! Wahoooot, we are sooooooooo excited!
  8. Great bags! Where did you purchase the key chain/card holder? I am only coming up with the card holders that are almost $10 a piece. Is this what you paid? I also like the neon key chains Thanks for the help!
  9. Your brochure looks great! Did you use a specific template or just create on your own? I am starting to gather information for mine but don't have a clue where to start. Did you use Word or Publisher?
  10. Looks great! I am working on a similar Welcome Book but am planning on using a craft ring to bind the pages. How did you attach the documents to the pages from the book? Did you use glue or double sided tape? I would hate it if the humidity resulted in the pages peeling. Thank for the pictures! Did you wait to fill in the room #'s in the guest directory until the last minute?
  11. Great info! I have decided to include Word puzzles/Sodoku books as well! I thought that it would be great lounging by the pool or down time in the room. Also, lots cheaper than a gossip magazine in each bag! I thought about a Spanish/English translation book but won't spend too much on it... Thanks for the tip to double up on pain reliever. Makes sense! Might double up on Imodium too! Did anyone pack bottled water in the OOT bag? I am thinking of purchasing labels on-line and purchasing the bottled water from Wal-Mart in Cancun. Thoughts? April 2, 2011 DRC
  12. Do you mind emailing me the templates? I don't have access to open these items. kmbride2be@gmail.com Thanks in advance!
  13. My email address is kmbride2be@gmail.com thanks in advance!
  14. We created three registries and have already received a few gifts! The people that aren't able to attend send a gift instead. It is also good to have a registry for showers. $$ is always nice too.
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