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    how did your wedding go?? I am getting married in January and am looking for any tips that anyone might have !!
  2. This is what I got from the pastor. You can request his email from Landy. Opening prayer Welcome 1st. Reading (Mark 10:6-9) Institution of marriage Reflexion on the scripture 2nd. Reading (1st. Corinthians 13:4-8a) Love Meditation on the reading Prayer for the rings (your hearts) Vows: Bride, Groom´s name: I give you this ring Wear it with love and joy I choose you to be my (wife, husband) From this day forward For better or for worst For richer or for poorer In sickness and in health To love and to cherish For as long as we both shall live Amen Presentation to the congregation as Mr. and Mrs. Signing of the certificate.
  3. Hi, ya I didn't have any luck with finding samples yet. Even the wedding coordinators do not have one. But Landy mentioned that the romantic trio is 3 acoustic guitars....if I find anything, I will let you know.
  4. So glad I am also not the only one who finds this super annoying! We have 4 vegetarians and a vegan as well and even a few people with wheat allergies. We're going to choose the beef option and hope people are ok with the lasagna! I'm getting married in Jan. so will let you know if we figure out an alternative.
  5. Love your pics LeNel! You were a beautiful bride!! Just a quick question on centrepieces. Does anyone know if DT has any large glass ones that you can use? Or is worth just bringing your own? We are thinking of doing some in the middle of the tables with shells, water and floating candles. Bride + Groom + 30 guests booked!
  6. Also, does anyone have any samples of the music? I am trying to decide whether to get live music for the ceremony, but it's so hard when you haven't heard it. What exactly is in a romantic trio?
  7. We just booked Diego Munoz for wedding and trash the dress photography. He is very good at responding to emails! And his prices are reasonable. Were any of you ladies able to have a wedding ceremony rehearsal with the minister? We are planning my own ceremony and want to make sure it goes smoothly before the big day. 28 booked so far!
  8. Sorry, just getting the hang of things here! We just booked our wedding week at DT getting married on January 27, 2011! Very excited! Do any of you have any idea of the symbolic ceremony? Can you create your own ceremony?