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  1. Oh wait, Maroma is also INCREDIBLE ! but it's a lot more expensive, so just be prepared for that.
  2. Check out Hotel Las Palapas. We just had our wedding there and loved the location.
  3. It's absolutely amazing but I can't justify the price having just gone through all the wedding expirience
  4. Sure, I got married in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, near Cancun. It's pretty warm during the day - you can swim and do all the beach stuff. At night, we needed a sweater. Just be aware of that as the temperature drops significantly. All the best ! I will post my review once I get the pictures and video.
  5. We just came back from our wedding at las Palapas on 12/4. It was amaizing ! I will post another note with a detailed review of our vendors, place, pictures, etc. Before I do that, I want to let you know that it gets pretty cold at night. Ask your guests to bring a light sweater or a chawl. I wanted to have my reception on the beach but had to change it cause it was too cold. I mean for Playa standards.It turned out to be better. Also, make sure to ask your guests to be careful with the speed limits on the highway. We had no major issues, but many of our friends got a ticket cause of speeding ! Some had to pay 350 usd ! auch ! Hertz offers a nice shuttle service, safe and cheaper than getting the hotel service. I quick review, our most amazing experience at the wedding was the band, yes ! BALANCE was the best thing ever. We were so impressed at how they kept everyone dancing and how well they played all kind of music, salsa, rock, cumbia, pop, jewish, etc. UNBELIEVEABLE ! More to come ..... Congratulations to everyone !
  6. Forgot to mention this is the place for calligraphy Sonia was great ! we did everything over the internet - http://www.kaligrafilia.com/KaligrafiliaWEB2010/Kaligrafilia.html We chose the start fish in red - but this is all what she was able to do. Albarran_Proof_092910.pdf
  7. Thanks for the ideas about the rabbi, we called that person and she recommended someone else. We just got our proofs for invitations, we are so late at sending them. But people already got the save the dates. Here is what I am using: I am so thrilled about using Balance for our music - we will have a short salsa performance and we have been taking lessos for that ! Save the date designed by my fiance - he was so cute ! - and it was a picture we took in Tulum Hand made plates we will give to our guests - inspired in our wedding Caligraphy designed in Mexico in Spanish and English - she was so flexible with us ! Wedding gown, Caroline by Monique Lhuillier - simmilar to this http://www.wilgi.com/Dress4Sale/ Boot camp by power bootcamp new york - I lost 6 pounds - I am 112 now ! Mark Greenfiel - fiance suit in NY, he is sooo good ! Rehersal dinner TBD - I am still looking !
  8. Anyone having a rabbi for their wedding ? I am flying in a rabbi from NY but we are getting nervous she is arriving on the day of the wedding, so we are looking for a back up. Any info is welcome ! Â What are you guys doing for rehersal dinner ? Â I am looking for my shoes, and can't really decide. I was inspired by Angie ! nice picks : ) Â Happy planning
  9. We are getting married at las Palapas on 12/04. We have a lot done but still looking for a photographer.. the best are already booked. We are looking for a Spanish speaking rabbi, and photographer.. Â Good luck to everyone !
  10. Thank you, unfortunately she is already booked : ( I really wanted to have Ivan, Claudia or Citlali but I feel all the best photographers are booked at this point ... Guys if you are planning a wedding book the photographer ASAP !
  11. I am planning my wed on 12/4 at las Palapas, we loved the location. We are getting Balance for the music, they sound great, not cheap though. I am still looking for photographer.
  12. Does anyone know her prices ? would you mind sharing them ? I love her work but haven't heard back from her. Thank you !
  13. hi girls, I loved her work but she hasn't responded to me. Could you please also email me the prices ? thanks luciaalbarran@hotmail.com
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