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  1. Hi girls Here in DLR and all I can say is AMAZING!!! It is evrything we expected and more...I will put a review on as soon as I get hom ebut I promise there is nothing to worry about. All the staff are fantastic and wil do what ever it takes to make your day special x x
  2. Cant believe we fly out a week today! Bags are all packed still have some bits to buy but can't help feeling I've forgotten something..........I will have to sit and make a check list as I have bought so much stuff and "hidden" it all over the house, not very organised but that's me all over!!!! I have trying to email the spa to book an appointment for 2 months nearly, has anyone else had trouble with this?? I'm so glad I found this forum it has been a great help and the advice and ideas have really helped I realise I have listened more than posted but you have all been a great source of inspiration
  3. @irish eyes hope your feeling better soon, we arrive on the 20th and get maried on 25th. Have a wonderful day x @dana sorry to hear about your sister, my sis in law to be wis exactly the same...only she heard we were planning a wedding and booked hers 6 months before!! now she cant attend our because they cant afford it. She also shot herself in the foot she cant even look at us never mind talk about he wedding. Hope your sister comes round if not your day will be wonderfula dn she will have made a fool of herserlf x All the ideas that have been posted are fantastice! Your dresses are beautiful and I'm ssssooo excited for all of us!!!
  4. KCB2011 Thanks for pics they have confused me even more!!! DCairns Glad you enjoyed you bridal shower, mine is next weekend. Its scaryhow fast time is movingwe only have about 25 days until we leave. The nerves are starting to come. Hope everyone is enjoying the planning dont know what I'll do when it's all over??
  5. @ KCB2011 any chance you could post photos on here always like to see more pics! @ miss taken congrats to you and your husband. Wishing you both the very very best x @ DCairns can't believe it's nearly here! 33 days until we leave and 38 till we get married.......so excited, anxious,nervous, everything all at once! Have a great party mines on the 5th march thats gonna get messy!
  6. Hi Latiinblond Samples of vows on thread page 173 I had to trawl through them myself!!! I dont know how helpful this is but I'm loading the ipod with music and then hiring the DJ that way we dont have to worry about speakers (extra weight in baggage). If it does go wrong not that bothered...havent quite turned into bridezilla!!! As for the favours I'm sure if you hve paid for people's holidays they wont be expecting any extras, i know i wouldnt. We arrive on 20th March so we just miss your special day, you'll have to fill me in when we arrive and offer advice before we meet with Tiara/Yanna. Hope all goes well and good luck with the planning. x
  7. Haven't had an update for a while...... LaRomanaBride - Feb 2010 - CONGRATULATIONS! Bridget - March 15, 2010 - CONGRATULATIONS! jlcoon - April 13 2010 - CONGRATULATIONS! Jenne - April 21, 2010 - CONGRATULATIONS! LaRomanaStacey - April 22, 2010 - CONGRATULATIONS! Odarcka -April 26, 2010 - CONGRATULATIONS! Amy - April 28, 2010 - CONGRATULATIONS! Maybride2010 - May 3, 2010 - CONGRATULATIONS! hjack - May 7, 2010 - CONGRATULATIONS (date twins)! brbr.bo - May 7, 2010 - CONGRATULATIONS (date twins)! Heather (dolphinluck) - CONGRATULATIONS KPEG - May 19 - CONGRATULATIONS fyniac - May 26, 2010 - CONGRATULATIONS VallieR - May 29, 2010 - CONGRATULATIONS Lesley - (LizzyJane) - July 6, 2010- CONGRATULATIONS! GEM - July 9, 2010 - CONGRATULATIONS! Andrea (sunandsand) - July 14, 2010 - CONGRATULATIONS! Nadia (nsimpson)- Sept 3, 2010- CONGRATULATIONS! Pink_Petals -Sept 10, 2010 - CONGRATULATIONS! Rikki (hermosaHoops) - Nov. 8, 2010 CONGRATULATIONS Nancy (NancM) - Nov. 16, 2010 CONGRATULATIONS uninspired1979(Alla)- November 27, 2010 CONGRATULATIONS taylorbabe - January 7, 2011 UP NEXT!! LastMinuteCouple - Jan 12, 2011 HustyG (Lisa) - March 2nd 2011 JoNewhams - March 3, 2011 Irisheyes- March 16, 2011 Georgie2b - 25 March 2011 Dana (dcairns) - April 11,2011 MissTaken - April 13, 2011 Mrs. Williams - May, 28, 2011 krob100- July 9th 2011 If your missing add yourself in x x:
  8. Nancy your pics and review were fantastic! Everytime someone posts their photos and experiences it stops the worrying and makes me feel so excited that we'll be in there in 4 months time. Thank you again EVERYONE who posts on here for the inspiration and for making me realise I'm not the only one in a panic!
  9. WOW everything looks amazing!! Hope you and your guests have a wonderful time. Can't wait to your suprises x
  10. Rikki you look stunning!! So glad the weather worked out for you and your guests. Can't wait to read the review and hopefully see more pics. No questions to ask...yet!
  11. OOOh dear uninspired!! Sounds like you've had a terrrible week positive thoughts your way. Hope you are feeling better soon x x
  12. Good luck Nancy and Rikki hope all goes well on your special day. I'm sure the weather will be wonderful for you both but just to make sure positive thoughts coming to you in abundance!!! Can't wait to read your posts when you return x x
  13. Hi Girls I have trawled through ssoo many reviews but I cant seem to find anyone who used the DJ for their ceremony. If you did or are could you let me know how long you hire them for, how much they charge and do I need to send a play list. Thats all for now. Sorry if I've been completely dozy and missed the thread altogether. Getting read for my Chicks party ( mini hen do for my bridesmaids), going to take them to local salon for a pamper party and then for a nice meal. Happy Planning x
  14. I'm off to a beatiful hotel/spa with 6 wonderful ladies tomorrow for the first of 5 hen do's/bachorette party! I'm so excited and will be glad to relax and chat without screaming kids tugging on my clothes....What plans do the rest of you have??? Wedding planning free weekend..yay!!! Let you know how it goes next week x x
  15. Thanks for advice I'm sure it will come together in the end I'm pretty laid back about it all really but FH is a complete stress head!!! PINK PETALS:Thanks for the measurements will head to the market later in the week x x
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