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  1. I totally agree. My dress isn't beachy at all and I think that will look so great in the water. 

    Originally Posted by AfricanVenus View Post

    My mom and others keep trying to convince me to get another dress, but I like the contrast of this elegant dress being roughed up by the elements. It's not that I hate my dress I say. It's for artistic reasons, lol. Hopefully she'll get it. I'm not gonna tell her. Just gonna show her the pictures :) My dress is mostly tulle, and it's sorta heavy on the bottom. I can only imagine it'll be heavier....but hopefully not full of the day's catch, lol.

  2. hello Ker,


    I am also bringing my own photographer from calgary, Edward Ross. It was important to me that the same person shoot our engagement and wedding photos and that the person is local so my wedding photos won't disappear. In addition, one of the biggest advantages of bringing your own photographer, at least in our case, is that he is staying with us the whole week and said he would get to know our family and see how everyone interacts and take photos throughout the entire week. That being said many ladies choose local photographers at the destination and end up with beautiful photos. So it comes down to personal choice.

  3. Doesn't bother me at all. I'd rather know that I'm safe on a plane. And really I think a pat down would be more embarassing. The people working the machine are trained and will be seeing the same thing over and over again, its like going to a gyno, they've seen it all so it really doesn't matter.


    In terms of radiation I think I might be worried if I was a really frequent flyer but just going for your wedding and going through it once or twice won't be a big deal. X-rays, CT scans, etc aren't good for you but they're necessary in small amounts.

  4. I think thats pretty typical. It seems most resorts are like that and even if you were getting married at home most caterers are like that unless you are willing to pay x amount extra per plate for an option.


    Originally Posted by Jaclyn24 View Post

    Hey guys
    Im going for a site visit
    In dec to the royal cancun for a july 2012 wedding
    They only let you choose one entree for every guest at your wedding !
    Does anyone else think this is crazy!!!I

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