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  1. Agree with Prettypigpig. But I actually tried both the original and the replica and there is very little difference in the quality. Goodtoglow. Have a look at my pics from my profile - album is called final dress. I bought it from storeofdress.com and it is amazing. Lots of boning, amazing fabric etc. The pics don't even do it justice, my girlfriend that was with me when I tried the original couldn't even notice the diference. Like prettypigpig says its more you than other people that notice these things.
  2. Bree, it looks amazing! You must be extatic. AGree, looks amazing without the straps.
  3. Seb - looks amazing! Only thing I would confirm is that the back is perfectly even where the corset ties up. It just looks a tiny bit off - that said, it may just be how it is on the maniqin. Also agree with the girls comments about making it a bit more gathered around the waist hip area. They did a great job!
  4. lisadias, I was expecting the worst from your posts and it is beautiful on you! A few minor alterations such as the length and it will look great. Plus maybe the dressmaker can change the angle of the top, especially if it is a bit big and they have the fabric to play with.
  5. Lisadias, Sorry to hear about your loss. Look forward to seeing you on your return..
  6. Thanks Breeze! Terilina - I'd also put on the picture where the ruffles start. I think the back bit is just the bustle, so I think like Ginger said it really depends on if you want a train or not. Personally I think it is beautiful as is It will look amazing on.
  7. I bet it is going to look amazing on Lisa. When trying things on I found that a lot of the ones that I would never like from looking at looked amazing on. Is it also worth seeing if a dressmaker can make the changes you want?
  8. Thanks Pamphilla and Cookie. Yay Lisa! Can't wait to see it. FYI that dress is similar to the Two Birds Bridal one which is about 350-400Aus dollars. Good choice as they actually then can re-wear it! http://www.twobirdsbridesmaid.com.au/ The twobirds site has info on how too wrap the dress.
  9. Also, if you intend on heading to Paris, I found this site which lets you rent apartments. Depending on how long you are staying it is much cheaper than hotels: http://www.parisattitude.com/search2.asp
  10. Hi there We were also planning on getting married in France too. We were planning on using this company: http://www.chateauandvillaweddings.com/ When they quoted me on pricing your budget would of fit in easily - especially since their packages include hair, make-up etc. Have you looked into the legalities of it though? I had my heart set on it, however, for it to be our legal wedding we would of needed to stay there for 55days. So basically, unless you are going to stay there aroung the two month mark you need to do it legally elsewhere first. Now, we are going to do a vagas wedding to make it legal, then renew our vows in Paris. Hope this site helps. M
  11. Lisa, did you pick yours up from the post-office? Very pretty Karen. They'll be able to do a great job on that! Would you get it in that colour too.
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