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  1. Brandy, you look absolutely amazing!!! Thanks so much for your post it was extremely helpful! I can't believe how fast the days creep up! You sent some pic of the larger gazebo - do you think that location could hold 50 people? We are trying to make final decisions for the reception, we're going to have a DJ for the actual dinner, but for the cocktail hour I'm trying to decide if we should have the calypso band or fire dancers?!? What would you recommend? Thank you!! This blog rocks!!
  2. Misti - Congrats to you and your hubby!!!Thanks for a wonderful review!! I'm so sorry to hear about your luggage!! You seem to have handled it so well!. @ lizzdee - your invites look great!! p.s. did you find your dress yet?!?! I have a place in Philly I would highly recommend if you're still looking!
  3. Thanks for the update TimsWife2B!! I'm interested in hearing about the flowers!! - We opted to go with Angels Accents real touch flowers so I'm pretty excited about that - it's a MUCH cheaper alternative. @Lizzdee - as far as the menus - I finally had my second discussion with Monica this Monday. According to her, they only send out a few menu options in the "sales kit" but there are multiple other options. It's a completely different file and you need to specifically request more options. She sent me that file as well as the complementary rehearsal dinner menu, so let me know if you need it (PM me)
  4. sure kim! I'm having trouble attaching files, so PM me with your email address and I'll send it over!
  5. Hi ladies - I wanted to give you a heads up - the Beaches Wedding sales kit has changed and many of the themes have reduced prices. Also if you're booking as a group - the added amenities have changed. I'm having issues attaching files, so if you want an updated copy just send me a PM....
  6. Hi ladies, I have a few questions. I have just hit my 3 month mark. I have not been able to get in touch with Monica (not happy with her at all) and she finally responded to an email of mine one week later and said that the date we rescheduled to speak is now taken and we can only speak on March 15, for 15 minutes, and my final payment is due on that date as well. So I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on exactly what must be paid for before we arrive at the resort. theme? How many days prior? reception? How many days prior? - we have about 60 guests booked so we'll probably do a buffet. Do they need to know exactly what we need or just a headcount extras such as arch additions - we're doing the BB package, but I'll like to add the vision in white arch. Can I decide when I arrive on the island, or do I need to book now. Other questions: For the ladies who have just returned from their weddings - since we have a larger party - are we restricted to the sites we choose for the wedding and reception? I'd waivering between the beach and the gazebo. Island activites - a few of you have mentioned ATV tours and conch shack - where can I find this information and can I book when we arrive? Thank you!!! This blog is absolutely wonderful!!!
  7. Baording Pass.doc233k .doc file Baording Pass.doc
  8. Hi ladies - I'm trying this upload again - let me know if it works! Boarding Pass.doc442k .doc file LuggageTagInsert.ppt2,043k .ppt file Passport Invite - no lines.ppt817k .ppt file Ticket Envelope.ppt111k .ppt file Boarding Pass.doc LuggageTagInsert.ppt Passport Invite - no lines.ppt Ticket Envelope.ppt
  9. I would first like to thank all the wonderful ladies who were kind enough to share that ideas. We sent out "save the date" packages in August last year, which were pretty detailed and contained a resort brochure (thanks to my TA), STD magnets, and a welcome letter. Then, I did nothing for a LONG time, so by the time I started our invites it felt like I was months behind with no ideas. I was super stressed when I began, but suggestions from everyone helped me out quite a bit. It took us about two weeks - start to finish - which was honestly not as long as I had anticipated. Below are a few pictures: All our materials were purchased from Michaels (tools, seals and paper), scrapbook.com (paper) , envelopemall.com(envelopes) , staples.com (self sealing luggage tags). We're both from Philadelphia, so as a finished touch, we ordered personalized Philadelphia LOVE statue stamps from zazzle.com. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to PM me! LuggageTagInsert.ppt2,043k .ppt file Boarding Pass.doc442k .doc file Passport Invite - no lines.ppt817k .ppt file Ticket Envelope.ppt111k .ppt file LuggageTagInsert.ppt Boarding Pass.doc Passport Invite - no lines.ppt Ticket Envelope.ppt
  10. Thanks so much for the review - it was very helpful!
  11. Thanks for the review!! This was certainly helpful - we're getting married at Beaches T&C May 27th, 2011!!
  12. These are wonderful - my favorite out of all I've seen so far!! I just sent you a PM with some questions becaue I need to get started on my invites!
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