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  1. I love any groupon-like offers. This is a great idea!!!
  2. it's ok!!! we are going to sort it out but i am definitely going to look for another venue. i just feel too uncomfortable doing any business with them. ana in the wedding department was great but i dont trust the on-site people. Â anyway, i don't want to bring negativity to the board for those who are in planning mode! you are going to have a great wedding there and all your guests will have a blast. eventually, i'm sure, my fiance and i will vacation there again since now we have like 60 weeks of vacation with the stupid timeshare thing.. ahha.. oh well. Â best of luck to you all! Â and if you know anything about working with destinationweddings.com - let me know. i know they have threads on BDW.com but there's not a lot of info on it. that is my next step right now... .i'm hoping they will give me some new venue options to move forward with. if nothing compares - i'll be back here i guess! Â Â Â
  3. I know that I just joined this thread and introduced myself, but I have an update. Â I think I am going to look for a new venue. The resort just incorrectly sent our Real Club timeshare/membership to a collections agency in the US!!!!! Â I don't think I could stomach giving them any more money for our wedding. Â My mom and I loved this resort so much that we decided to invest in it and buy a membership in May 2009. When my fiance and I visited in August 2009, to use the membership for the first time, we discovered that it is essentially a hoax. They don't give you anything but a bit of a discount on your room. And it is very expensive!!! Â but my fiance and I wanted to make the best of it and have our wedding there and they just completely ruined it. Â I know the wedding department is different and they can be professional, but I do not trust this place... I'm thinking about suing them because of this, if I can obtain enough information. They are extremely unprofessional and have no customer service skills. They were disrespectful to my mother over the phone and actually admitted to not answering our NUMEROUS emails. We emailed them over 5 times asking questions about our membership. Â Â The real resorts are a joke. At this point, I don't think I'll be spending the happiest day of my life at any of their locations. Â Sorry I am extremely upset right now!!!!!!!!!! Just thought you all should know some of the realistic things that happen with this organization. Â
  4. this does help a lot! thank you!! Â i dont mind if it rains actually.. i just dont want there to be a hurricane and for everyone to be stuck at their airports.. not able to fly haha. i'm thinking worst case scenario. but ya i've been there in august before too and it did rain but briefly and there were no major hurricanes. Â
  5. thanks for the warm welcome! Â ps. i live right by fenway park and BU. where do u live? we should have a new england meet up / happy hour
  6. Hi Everyone - my name is Averie and I'm from Boston. I've been working with the Royal over email for a few weeks now - getting questions answered, etc... for our potential DW there... but haven't finalized anything yet (ie. no deposit). My fiance and I have stayed at the Royal before so we know its really great! Just never thought we'd get married there!! We are also timeshare/members there.... which should help our family/close friends out who might otherwise not be able to afford it. Nevertheless, we are getting some resistance from family members. Grr  Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself and ask:  Is there anyone on here getting married at the Royal Playa next Oct 2011? Or has anyone on here gotten married in Oct of a previous year? Just wondering about the weather during that time of year...   I haven't read this entire thread yet, but I will....  then I'll have more questions!  Thanks!
  7. Excellent investment!!!

    Pros: priceless footage to keep forever, accommodated a last minute booking, thoughtful customer service
    Cons: unexpected editing and some questionable footage cuts
    When our list of guests turned out to be somewhat small, I convinced my now husband that we should hire a videographer. It was a last minute addition and we are both so glad we did it. Our family and friends who couldn't join us were also thrilled to watch after we returned.     Mike and his team caught some really special moments, some funny comments, and have truly given us a gift.... video footage from your wedding day allows you to re-live the special moments that fly by so fast.  And
  8. This is a review of:

    MVP Hair and Makeup Artistry

    I never felt more beautiful.

    Pros: two amazing dedicated people (edgar and melissa!), extremely talented make up artist!!!!
    Cons: pricey (but priceless results, so WORTH every penny)
    I have absolutely never felt more beautiful than I did on my wedding day, and I owe it all to MVP.  I will never forget looking at myself after my trial and feeling so relieved and excited.  I felt like a beautiful BRIDE, and I could not WAIT for the actual wedding day for Melissa to do my hair and make up again!!! Since I never spend much time on my hair or make up, I was a bit nervous.... but it turned out to be one of the most fun parts of being a bride!!! :)   Not only is Melissa a sw
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