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  1. Thank Steph - that's great feedback and lots of things for us to look at doing. I didn't realise there were so many Cirque shows there! Â I also hear it will be columbus day sales when we're there - where would you suggest we spend most of our time shopping? Premium outlets?
  2. Hi Jaime  Thanks for the great feedback. I'll definitely try and get in a cirque show while we're there. My parents may like Cher....will check on that one!  Thanks Heaps!  Gina
  3. Thanks for your feedback Jennifer. Â Most of the adventure stuff we can do here at home, so I think we'll just be going for shows/ehibits/sights etc. Are there any shows that people have seen that they thought were really great? Â I think I want to drag my parents to cirque de sole, but really not sure of what else. Has anyone seen Holly's Peep show? I also wanted to see Chris angel while i was there, but have been told his show with circque de sole isn't that great.....
  4. Hi All  We're arriving into Vegas on the 9th of October 2010, and getting married on the 12th. I have a dress, but no jewellery, veil, or shoes. My fiance does not have a Tux. We're hoping to find these things over there (as we're travelling from New Zealand and don't want to have to cart around too much stuff).  Does anyone have any suggestions on good places to go for these items?  Thanks heaps!
  5. Hi everyone  We're from New Zealand and coming to Vegas to get married in October 2010. Our immediate family is coming with us, so there'll be 13 of us all up.  We're there for 5 days, and other than doing the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and obviously getting married, we don't have a lot planned. Oh, and shopping of course!  Does anyone have any suggestions for things we really should do and/or see while we're there? My fiance and I have both been to Vegas before (only a couple of days), but the rest of our family haven't.  Thanks for your help! Looking forward to hearing from you!
  6. Hi there  We're getting married on the 12th (Tuesday). We're coming from New Zealand, so we're going to have to do a few last minute things when we get there (such as hiring a suit, shoes, jewellery etc). I'm also trying to find a good makeup artist. any suggestions?  We've sorted the venue, photography, and restaurant. We're getting married at the Valley of Fire through Scenic Las Vegas Weddings, and going to Maggiano's for dinner. It's only a small group of us (13 including me and my fiance). We're having the big party for all our friends and extended family when we get back to NZ. Great way to keep the wedding small!  as for eating, a friend of mine used to live in Vegas and she has suggested the Paris buffet, and the mexican restaurant in MGM Grand (diego).  Other than that, we're hoping everything else just falls into place (or maybe I'm being naive?)!!!  How is your planning going?
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