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  1. I had just the same amount of people for my wedding and we used the bamboo room. Trust me it was a great size but when you are dancing and everything it works out perfectly. Plus the way the way they decorate it, it doesn't look like wasted space. Just a thought too!
  2. I did a symbolic wedding and trust me your guest will not be ripped off. They still make you sign a piece of paper just for show which looks like you are signing you license. Everything looks realy and amazing! Also they are very accommodating on anything you want for your ceremony. Just let them know and they will schedule it in and they will make everything perfect =)
  3. Hi ChrisieAnn, Yes the blue bar is perfect for the cocktail hour. It is secluded and just beautiful. After our reception we all went to the Scores bar and everyone had a blast. They will not allow things to go past 1130 for the reception. I also got an outside photographer and asked if I can use the photographer from the package for the trash the dress the next day and they allowed me to do that but I guess that is when they started saying they will not substitute.
  4. Octavio Montes was amazing. Especially since the night before the wedding I wanted to change the time for him to come in and I emailed him the night before and he had no problem coming in earlier. Afterward all the pictures were done, he told me that my pictures would be up two days later and that I can pick the pictures that I want and he would bring them back to the hotel before the end of our stay. We had so much going on that we didn't get the chance to go through the pictures I emailed him asking if I can go through them later and have him mail them to me. A week after we got back, we went through the pictures and within a week later we got our pictures in the mail. They all came out beautiful! All around great with communication and product!
  5. I will definitely say that Octavio Montes does amazing work as well. He has great prices too!
  6. I only arrived two days before the wedding and we met with Pilar for about three hours the day before and everything came out fine =)
  7. hammy, the dj just played during the dinner and I was not expecting that. It was nice relaxing music for the most part and when dinner was over, he played for two hours for the reception. There wasn't music played during the cocktail hour at the blue bar but I know that you can bring in an IPOD and play. We were actually busy taking pictures the entire time but my guest loved sitting and talking. Plus they were able to see us taking pictures =) Octavio Montes did an amazing job. The pictures were beautiful!
  8. To answer a few of your questions: Yes they do use a sound system and you will use a microphone so your guests will have no problems hearing your vows. I used Octavio Montes for the photography and he was absolutely amazing on top of his prices =) I really would recommend him. I do know that if you send them a picture of how you would like your flowers, they can do it for you. We were going to do the Mariachi Band but it was quite expensive so we decided not to go with them. For the gift bags, do you mean for the wedding? Cause you can give them to the WC and they will distribute them for you. We used the circle tables so I am not sure about the rectangle ones. She is right about the extra money if you want it to go longer. All we did was after the reception we all went to Scores and continued the party there.
  9. Also we chose to have our ceremony on the beach (absolutely breath taking) and our reception in the bamboo room. Everything came out amazing!
  10. The DJ that I had at the resort was amazing. He played great music during the dinner as well for the reception. We did bring a cd with our important songs but anything else we requested, they had. He really fed off of our group and went with the dynamic of the group. I had one table putting their napkins on their heads and acting karate people and he quickly put that song on when he noticed them. I had the Devine package and a room upgrade is included with the package but if you have a pretty high room to begin with, they won't upgrade. We had the preferred club suite ocean front. So the next upgrade would have been the government suite which they wouldn't upgrade. I went with a travel agent who handle all that with the room codes etc. WC are very slow but trust me they do a great job. The only drawback to this resort is the slow service throughout the entire hotel. They need more staff.....
  11. HAMMY0426, Trust me I was stressing out as much as you are and a week before the wedding, I got switched from Ana to Pilar which made me over the edge stressed. But to be honest, all that stress was for nothing. Everything went beautifully =). Pilar had all the notes from me and Ana and was very organized. We went through everything the day before and everything came out better than I expected. Trust me you really don't need too much stuff for the bamboo room. it is very well lit and everything seems to just sparkle in there. I am sorry to hear about your FI. I had a similar situation too so I know how you are feeling right now. Any question feel free to ask =)
  12. I got married in December 3rd and we did our wedding on the beach =) We originally wanted to have our reception on the beach as well but it got quite chilly at night so we had the reception in the bamboo room and it was amazing as well. Here is the a picture of our wedding on the beach
  13. I got married on the beach and it was absolutely beautiful! I initially wanted to have the reception on the beach but it got pretty chilly at night so we went with the bamboo room (which came out beautiful). Here is how our beach wedding was set up
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