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  1. Lauraymichelle ... Chef Gregory Nelson has a restaurant in Montego Bay called the Seahorse Grill & he's excellent. I don't have his email but if you Google him then you will get the contact info. They cater for events & weddings
  2. Boston Linkat, check out Roan Robinson with Candid Expressions Photography. He's based in Negril but travels island wide & his prices are reasonable plus has great work. I'm sure he can also recommend a videographer ... Good luck !
  3. Hi, I know one that can help you !! PM me for contact info !! She's Jamaican and familiar with the wedding industry and groups ... PM me ASAP
  4. Angela876, You may not pay for the additional items or services till you get to JA but you should be able to at least have the price list and communicate via email with the WC or by phone ... the email have for her is cmyers@luxuryresorts.com and the phone#'s are: T(876) 953 - 2650 EXT 4016 Direct (876) 684 - 0307 F(876) 684 - 0203
  5. Masha, I've been looking at Grand Pineapple also. Can you plz send me any ceremony and reception set up pics ? I got some pricing from the WC bt no pics and I would like a visual ... My email is giffojess@yahoo.com ... Thanks in advance
  6. Muneera0302, I didn't get married in Jamaica, planning a renewal of vows there in Ja. Hubby and I are from JA but we met and married here in the States. I also am a TA so I make it my business to keep track of good wedding vendors as referrals for clients. Check out Roan Robinson with Candid Experssions Photography as well as DJ Gemini for the DJ. I know SeaWind beach club will do the catering and bar. Also check out Margaret Movery on Facebook for the cake and Pretty Faces makeup artist if you are in need of that. Good luck !! Send me a PM if you need anything else.
  7. Muneera0302, Check out Michelle with Wedding Planner Plus, they are based in Ocho Rios but will travel. Also, Sadeki with Chic-Events Jamaica is based in Montego Bay. Ii think that Seawind Beach Club works with Jan's Florals in MoBay and they offer various wedding services not just the flowers.
  8. Erica M, I dont know what your budget is but I came across a good photograpger named Roan Robinson, Candid Expressions Photography and he is reasonable. He is on Facebook as well. I also know that Merrick Cousley is great, more expensive than Roan but a really good, fresh style to his photos. Check them out !
  9. Carremel, For Negril you can contact Ari with Negril Jamaica Weddings (Google her). Her work is good and she also has a website. I recommend Floral Fantasy for flowers as they are reasonably priced and very good work, they also have a website. Roan Robinson of Candid Expressions Photography is good with the photography, Debra Barrett of Queen Bee salon is excellent and she is based in Negril at Negril Escape but will travel to CSA. Another good wedding planner is Jewel Marsh of Jewel Events, she is base din Ocho Rios but will travel and I found her prices quoted to be reasonable as long as you are specific in what you want so she can price accordingly ! Another option is Negril Escape which is on the Cliffs but they can do the Ceremony and Reception ans its a casual, unique but still elegant ambiance. You can Google them and their info will pop up or find them on Facebook.
  10. In Negril, for an Off-Site/Non Hotel wedding Ceremony and Reception check out : Rondel Village Charela Inn Sea Wind Resort Catcha Falling Star Catcha will handle the wedding even if your guests are not staying there, I assume the other above hotels will also. They all have websites and prices vary according to what you want and how simple or extravagant you want the Decor to be etc ... Good luck !
  11. Since its so few of you, why don't you arrange a nice reception dinner at the resorts the have then just set up a table for ur group at one of the a la cartes ?
  12. @ Soon to be Mrs Ray, I dont think thats a good idea ... my SIL got married in JA in 05/2010 and her dad has a bakery in FL. So he baked the traditional Jamaican rum cake and brought down undecorated. They actually went with the Hotel 2 tier cake in their package ... her dad tried to decorate the cake but the icing was melting and the hotel kitchen would not allow them to do the decorating since it could be a liability issue ?! So my advice is to find a local cake baker in Jamaica whose work, price and decorations you like and go with them.
  13. Omg those pics are fabbo !! Since you said you guys did all the planning yourselves, would you mind sharing who your vendors were ? Flowers & decor , Caterer, Music, Cake etc ? I really like the villa ! It's a elegant but relaxed and unique vibe as opposed to a hotel wedding .
  14. MrsBuhari2012, I agree with you about not being thrilled to pay addtl for the already AI guests. Have you considered hosting the reception off site ? There are some really nice venues in and around Montego Bay that would be lovely ... Day O Plantation Restaurant is one of the nicer places for hosting a Reception ... There is also Hummingbird Hall on the Rose Hall property which can do Ceremony and Reception etc. Just a couple thoughts !
  15. Hi Pandabride6, I too am Interested in Day O for a Reception. The prices were good and the ambiance is elegant but not overdone. Could you post a few pics of your reception set up ? Or send to me via email, its giffojess@gmail.com. Thanks !
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