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  1. Thanks for the kind words Hannah! I'm so excited for you-you're day is nearly here!! Don't forget if you want them to put in hair extensions or false eyelashes on, bring them down there with you! I had my 'practice run through' on a Friday & called my sister all panicked after & she went to several places at like midnight the night before her 6a flight to Mexico to find them for me! (God bless her!) They do a great job-I know you'll look perfect! Also-if anyone is unsure of having them or anyone else do your hair/make-up, do it! The anxiety leading up to the day is very real & I know I'd have been shaking if I tried to put eyeliner on myself...I'd have poked my eye out! Plus, (and this is so true) you want your make up to pop a little more than normal without feeling like Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman' and that's really hard to pull off on your own. I've talked to my friend who does this for a living about this very thing & she said brides who do their own make up tend to look washed out in photos.. Remember-professional photographers use different cameras, lighting scenarios, etc. I just don't want anyone to kick themselves later wishing they'd have had a pro help on the most important day of your life. If I'm not mistaken, the price was under $200 for hair and make up... (Hair was included in Mac Daddy package-make-up wasn't) I hate being nickeled and dimed too, but I also didn't want to go through all of that prep not to look and feel the best I ever had. If someone says "What can I get you for your wedding?" Say "My make-up!" Or "I want to get my hair done..I'd love a certificate to the salon in the Iberostar" and let that person do it for you. Find a way to pamper yourself that day. I promise you won't regret it!
  2. Hi all! I'm trying to go through the questions so I can offer some insight. We had the saxophonist play-which was AWESOME. I mean-super sexy & perfect for a beach wedding. We just watched the video my cousins made again last night & the sax was a killer addition. As for the ceremony itself, we told them what we wanted to do & they were great with it all. We brought our own unity sand & they set it up at the front for us (the 'altar' on the beach) and I wanted my Godmother to read a beautiful prayer I found, so she did. We walked down the sandy 'aisle' and when we got to the front, the first thing that happened was the judge welcomed us and asked my g-mother to come up front. She handed her a microphone & she said some very kind words before reading the prayer. Then the ring bearer walked up and we took our rings off of the pillow. The judge looked at my then fiance' and asked if he came with a pure heart and wishes to marry me-he said "I do" and he put my ring on as he read the vows he wrote me. (EVERYONE was bawling-it was amazing) Then I did the same thing. After that, she asked us to come forward to do the unity sand-we did-then it was time to sign the actual marriage license...yes-you do that RIGHT there in the middle of the ceremony. Not only do you both sign it, but you also have to put your thumbprint(s) on it-4 or 5 copies!!! (they provide tissue to wipe your thumb so you don't get ink on your dress) AND your witnesses have to come up at that same time to sign the copies as well. Why they don't do this AFTER-I have no idea. But it is always during the ceremony, just so you know-because the judge leaves 3 seconds after she's done. She was VERY nice, but I couldn't understand all of what she said..but I didn't care. The most important part, we got-no problem. She said our names-was very kind and did her job well. We had a rehearsal-which is NOT normal there. Karla said she never does them, but if I wanted one, she'd be there no problem. I did-and she was there. The only thing it really did was show us where on the beach we were walking and who went down the aisle when (it helped my ring bearer and flower girls for sure and truthfully-it helped me visualize it all better, so I'm glad we did that.) It only took MAYBE 20 minutes-so don't plan a ton of time for it-it'll only be time wasted. The judge ONLY shows up for the wedding-never a rehearsal, FYI. We did that at 6:30 the night before the wedding. Then we had our "welcome private cocktail party" included in the Mac Daddy package from 7-8 and the rehearsal dinner at 8:30. Now, people have asked about the rehearsal dinner....DO IT DO IT DO IT!!! I can not stress this enough. It was so much fun and everyone was in the same place at the same time enjoying each others company. We had a 'groom's cake' for dessert that we paid $40 for-and it was HUGE and so funny. We brought a cake topper for it that was a bride standing up holding keys & a groom sitting down with his chin in his hands & a ball & chain around his ankle. (It fit perfectly with the theme we continued for our entrance to the reception. I was swinging a plastic ball & chain over my head when DJ Doremixx announced us into the reception. It was hysterical) Anyway-the rehearsal we had was in the Japanese Steakhouse where they cook in front of you & that is the WAY to go-because they cook chicken, beef & veggies. If you don't want one of those, tell the chef as he's putting the stuff on your plate. It couldn't be easier to get what you want and still have everyone there. I was worried about it 'taking away' from people's dinner options-but THEY ARE THERE FOR YOU!!! Trust me-they will NOT care!!! It's nowhere near the big deal I thought it was. People were honored we invited everyone and really happy to be part of it. The Japanese steakhouse is the way to go! I'm SO happy I took Karla's advice & had it there. Here was our time line-to give new people an idea of the schedule-as it is super overwhelming. Because we got married on Valentine's Day-the sunset was earlier than it would be in the summertime, so we did it like this: 4:30pm-Ceremony on the Beach, 6pm-Champagne/cocktails and appetizers on the terrace and 7p-11p Reception. I originally thought that there was WAY too much time between the ceremony & the cocktail hour, but believe me-you NEED the time for pictures. Most people stayed with us on the beach for pictures and we ended up coming up to the champagne/cocktail hr around 6:15 ourselves, so it really does time out much better than you initially think it will! A private reception is the way to go if you can swing it. It's YOUR day-you want to look around & always see familiar faces. It's so awesome to have a place that is JUST for you & your family and friends for the night. SO glad we did that. Hope that helps a little!
  3. Just so you know, even though they said that was champagne only-mine was a total open bar and no one said a word about it! I was shocked seeing everyone walk around with fun frozen drinks, but they were! We had the Mac Daddy package and were told it was just champagne & cold apps, but people were able to get whatever they wanted! So-I wouldn't stress about that. It is right outside of the reception itself...on the terrace. Everyone loved the apps-so I'm glad I didn't upgrade to hot ones because there's PLENTY of food at the reception
  4. DJ Doremixx will play whatever you want him to. I met with him a few days before the wedding to go over specific songs...Bride/Groom 1st dance, Father/daughter song, etc...and I sent those ones to him ahead of time to make sure he had them. It only takes him seconds to download a song, so it shouldn't be a big deal. He found every song I asked for. As far as the fun dance stuff, he'll ask you if there are any songs you want to avoid (i.e. Baby Got Back) but we didn't care. He mixes one song into the next. He played a lot of older stuff like "Shout" and "Jailhouse Rock" but also played Usher's "Yeah." I MAY have even karaoked "I will Survive" at my own wedding reception....sober, none the less. (I had sang that at everyone else's wedding, so they all had me sing it at mine! It was a blast) DJ Doremixx sent me a list of popular songs way before the wedding-did he email that to you? I looked at it & just added the songs I liked that weren't on there. It kinda stressed me out too, but there was no need for the stress because he KNOWS what to play & what will make people get out of their seats. My husband's 86 yr old grandma was dancing the entire night!!!
  5. Hannah, I am laughing to myself because you ARE me 6 weeks ago. I had no clue what I was going to do about centerpieces. I emailed the people Tara used with some ideas I had (i.e. shells surrounding a floating candle, candles in sand with shells around them, etc.) and I think the best price was around $50 and they didn't blow me away. Tara's were AWESOME-but you're right-you get charged extra crap all over the place. SO-I met with Karla when we got there & she helped me choose centerpieces. They were elegant & simple and I think around $23 each. (If you have the Mac Daddy package-the one for your table is included) Mine were similar to the bridesmaids flowers, so it tied things together nicely. I wasn't going to do table numbers either, but Karla wanted me to...I don't know if they can MAKE you----but you've got quite a few people going, so I am betting she'll ask you about it. She actually did the #'s themselves. I printed out place cards & color coordinated the names with what they ordered. (Like my sister-table 3, green for veggie, my aunt table 2-red for beef, my friend Julie table 4-blue for chicken) Did you put their meal options in a way that they are easy to read on the place cards? You should be ok-but don't get flustered when she asks you about the table #'s...just say you have the place cards and tell her how many tables you will need. (that part is important for set-up) We mostly did tables of 6, one with 7, another with 8. It looked good-less than 6 would've looked too bare I think. We customized almost everything. We got 3 different entrees served for dinner-beef, chicken or veggie, and better sides than what was normally offered. They decorated the cake EXACTLY the way I wanted....I can't think of something I asked for that they didn't do. The problem is-most brides don't ask! They just take what's written as fact & never push the issue. After talking to Tara-I decided to ask for what I wanted & I got it. They want to make it as easy as possible for the planners-since they do so many weddings. If everyone eats the same thing-it's easy. It gets more stressful when people order different items and they all have to be prepared & served at the same time, ya know? I will say the Iberostar is more than other resorts-some will even do it for free-as they are thankful YOU are bringing 40+people to their resort. BUT-they also are the one place I found that only allowed one bride a day to get married at the resort. (I'm sure there are others-but since I got married on Valentine's Day-I was finding that even the one or 2 other places I located in the Caribbean with the one bride policy- lifted that rule for V-day because they wanted the business) Since I have no other point of reference, I'll tell you this. I felt like a PRINCESS the entire time I was there. I don't regret one second of anything. Yep, it cost more than maybe some other resorts. But everyone had the best time the entire time they were there. And if we were to do the same wedding back here in the states, OMG-it would have been at LEAST $40,000...and that's not counting the extra 100 people who would've shown up. They make you feel like you are the only bride they have-even if there are others there that week. And the best part was I really felt like they CARED. Ivan, Karla-these people in guest services, who are in charge of the wedding-they WANT you to have the best day of your life and they'll do whatever they can to make sure that happens. They'll drive you everywhere in a golf cart on your wedding day-they are at your beck & call. I can't imagine a place where it was all free going above & beyond like that. They all knew our best man broke his jaw (Ivan ran to us when he was told-as their office is next to the lobby) and he radioed the medics, stayed with us...and asked about him every single time I saw him. You won't regret getting married at the Iberostar. It's the best decision I've ever made, next to going on that first date with my husband!
  6. The price was for him to come to us at the hotel, but I know he has a place in Playa del Carmen, but there was no way I was traveling off property on the wedding day. I wanted it to be as stress-free as possible. The salon on site did a great job & I was happy with them. Tara would be able to tell you that guy's name and info, as I got it from her.
  7. Hannah- I got my hair & make up done at the salon in the Iberostar & the lady was great. She put my extensions in for the 'practice' run & then again a few days later for the wedding and they looked amazing, I was really happy with it. But YES-that salon is pricey. None of my girls got their hair done there. My mom did-but she just had them wash & blow dry it out straight and that cost her $90! I looked into having the guy Tara got come & do my make up and maybe hair, but he needed a minimum of 4 people at $100 each. I already spent TONS on gifts for my girls (i.e. Coach purses, personalized flip flops & beach bags and Coach sunglasses) I couldn't do another $500-which is what it would have been for me-and that is just make up OR hair....not both.
  8. Your guests will be able to eat wherever they want. There are like 6 or 8 specialty restaurants that the del mar & beach share and you can walk around other properties..it's just lindo people won't be getting drinks or having dinners with beach/del mar people. You have separate wrist bands-one color for del mar/beach and one for lindo/maya. The 2 times I've been there, I have stayed at the beach & Del Mar and loved it. $200 per person adds to $400 per couple..it's a lot more for I don't know what. We went over there to check it out & my hubby and I even said we were happy we stayed at the Del Mar. You share all other facilities on the property-i.e. Disco, shopping center, etc. Anyone staying in any of the Iberostars has access to those places-the spa & gym as well. We stayed in building 10 and we were ON the beach. And the rooms aren't any closer to the beach at the lindo. You have a great huge pool with a lazy river at the Del Mar and 3 or 4 swim up bars...everyone loved the place. I promise no one would feel limited there because you have access to everything & they have their own restaurants/bars. As for the photographer-everything I've seen that the place they have a contract with does is never something I'd want. VERY cheesy. Worth spending the extra $$ for your own person. Or do what we did. Fly a friend who is a professional photographer there-pay for his flight & all expenses in return for the photography & rights to all photos! Worth every cent!! PS-you can never ask too many questions...that's what we're all here for! ~Erin
  9. They may allow you to book at the Del Mar & stay at the Lindo during the 'off season..' That's the only reason I can figure that they'd not allow it for Feb-June but allow it in December? I would absolutely make sure that is the case though and that there's no confusion because once the invites are out and things are booked, it would be a pain to change. I just got married at the Del Mar on Valentine's day and LOVED it. Everyone stayed there too and it was amazing. I know the Lindo/Maya costs more too, which was one of the main reasons we decided to stay at the Del Mar-to make it as affordable as possible so our family and friends could swing it. We also did the dream package and had the reception at the open air restaurant. I couldn't have imagined a more perfect place, coordinator and package. We are SO glad we went with that. It even includes things you don't think about-like pressing your gown & your fiance's clothes for the wedding. They took the gown on a Friday (we got married on a Monday) and it was pressed & ready for me to get into on the wedding day hanging up in the presidential suite! (all included in the package) So I didn't have to worry about my husband seeing it before the ceremony. And you get upgraded to the presidential suite, but STILL keep your normal room, so it's not like you have to pack up all of your things for a night! It's the best!!! The outside venue could be chilly in December, but you won't need jackets-just a cover up. My girls all brought cardigans & they didn't even use them. It's good to have those anyway, just in case!
  10. Hi ladies! I was going through some lists I had made to help myself out for the wedding to make sure I didn't forget anything & I came across this& thought it could help you all too. I copied it from another bride on one of these threads and it REALLY helped me pack! I didn't have the exact same things that she did-but it gave me something to go by and really did help. Hope it does the same for you! xoxo Carry on Passports and driver's licenses plane tickets copies of all contracts vendor contact info lists of guests and travel info, arrival times, hotels where they will be copies of wedding insurance policy credit cards, only ones we will use hotel reservation confirmations photocopies of medical and or trip insurance coverage phone number of doctor, kennel, credit card companies prescriptions in original bottles jewelry, including wedding rings change of clothes wedding vows wedding dress veil groom's suit cell phone & charger laptop - if you have wedding info on it you need Checked bag 1 wedding night sleepwear makeup perfume nail polish underwear bras shoes change of shoes for dancing pantyhose garter purse wrap slip groom's accessories white button down for makeup application robe for dressing something old something new something borrowed something blue her rehearsal dinner dress her good-bye brunch outfit Checked bag 2 skirts, shorts, pants t-shirts, tank tops, blouses bathing suits beach wrap sandals dresses and sundresses wraps and sweaters camera, extra batteries sunscreen sunglasses hats after-sun care insect repellant toothpaste and toothbrushes deodorant makeup remover swabs hair brush and accessories shaving cream and razors tampons/pads favorite nail polish extra piece of luggage to send dress and accessories back with family Bags 3 & 4 Gifts for attendants and parents Favors Welcome bags and contents CDs/music Special cake cutting set Menus Programs Escort cards Guest book & pens table décor ceremony accessories ring bearer pillow thank you notes to vendors and envelopes for tips fix it kit: extras of all materials used to make favors, welcome bags and escort cards - glue gun, double sided tape, cards tock, ribbon, etc. wedding planning folder with guest list and wedding details Leave behind with a friend or family member not attending copies of itinerary and hotel phone numbers photocopies of passport and credit cards sealed copy of wills, insurance policy numbers, financial info
  11. HA!! Hannah you're hysterical! I've looked at my pictures tons of times too!!! I did that with Tara's pictures because it made it all seem more real! It's easier to visualize your own wedding when you see exactly where things will be. Tara did do her reception the same place I did-at the Del Mar. Del Mar & beach share the same private venue for the reception (fyi for new people here!) It's a bit confusing. Sorry they won't do the chairs at the reception too, but that's minor in the grand scheme of things! I saw that Hanna is going to give you the starfish I just sent her? Is that right? And I think you were both nervous about leaving the starfish at the hotel after Hanna is married? Leave it with Karla! It will definitely get to you that way! Hanna is in Canada & I'd be worried about the time it would take to ship it plus the cost if she sent it quickly. Karla is SO organized and completely reliable. It'll be in good hands-I promise
  12. Hi there! One thing we did that I'm really happy I thought of was a memorial table. I had the idea because my husband's father passed away 10 years ago and I really wanted something to honor him. I found a website that made candles that were etched with whatever saying or prayer you wanted & then I found a beautiful stand at Michael's. I had my husband choose what he wanted the candle to say & we brought pictures of our grandparents who had passed away, my best friend who died when she was 22 and of course a photo of his dad. Karla set them up on a table with a white cloth covering it & she put other small candles and a few white flowers on it-it looked BEAUTIFUL! So-just an idea in case you had family members you wanted to kindly remember at the reception. Also, how are you putting your first aid bags together? I found an awesome idea from another bride. You find ziplock bags (the ones without the labels on them so people can actually see through the bags) and print out a label for it on cardstock paper. Then you fold that paper over the top zipper & staple it. It looks like you bought it at a store!!! People LOVED them I found a pic of a drunk looking Chihuahua hitting a pinata and put on the top "Wedding Weekend Survival Kit."
  13. This is what the reception looked like. I'll have to get the pics on snapfish or something to show you Sorry-I'm semi-computer illiterate!
  14. Hi all! Tara-thanks for the Congrats! I know exactly what wooden horse you're talking about because my best friend-one of my b-maids-tried climbing up on it after a fun night at the Galaxy dance club. She also tried to breast feed the Speedy Gonzales statue, but that's a whole other story....lmao. The best man broke all but 4 teeth. The roots of the teeth were still in tact (OMG-this hurts my mouth to talk about!) but the majority of the teeth are at least broken in half, and I have no clue what they'll do for that. They haven't gotten that far because they are secondary to the 3 fractures in his jaw line. When he got back to the states, the Dr. said they did a great job with the operation in Mexico-BUT one of the breaks was through the joint, so that Dr. took off the rubber bands he had on & wired his mouth shut completely. The poor guy can only eat what the straw can handle for 5 weeks. Hannah-this is another reason why I say the Mac Daddy package rocks. They put covers & bows on all chairs outside on the beach AND inside the reception for no additional cost. It was in our package I guess. They looked amazing though-I highly recommend getting them done. I LOVED the venue we had our reception in too. It was fabulous. I'm going to post some photos now & more over the weekend Ok-anyone know how to make a pic. smaller??!? Sorry it's so big!
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